How to meet from the hospital

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How to meet from the hospital

The birth of a child is one of the most anticipated events in the family, but the day a young mother is discharged from maternity hospital. Just think, your child will cross the threshold of your house for the first time. The young dad will have to try hard to ensure a decent meeting for the heir and his mother.
Meeting your wife from the hospital will require some effort from you


The desire of the young father to arrange the meeting of his wife from maternity hospital understandable, because he had been waiting for this day for so long. But before you start a magnificent holiday, ask your wife if she needs solemnity at all. Most young mothers feel unprepared for parades and limousines, and even more so for receiving guests. Yes, and the baby is unlikely to benefit from a big festival. It is better to celebrate the day of discharge quietly and in a family way, and invite guests when the new life slowly enters its own rut.
In any case, the baby should come to the cleanest possible apartment. Just do not need to rush to extremes and try to make repairs in haste, it is enough to arrange a thorough cleaning of all rooms and the nursery in particular. Try not to abuse chemically active substances when cleaning. Especially avoid strong-smelling detergents, it is better to take warm water with ordinary soap dissolved in it. Dust surfaces, wipe cabinets and shelves, clean dishes, mop floors, and take out trash.
Do a general house cleaning
If your family is not subject to superstition, then you probably managed to prepare all the necessary things and items for the baby. If not, then you are in for a colossal shopping run with a huge list. Feel free to call your spouse to clarify the details of purchases, it is better to spend 5 minutes on one phone call than to find out later that you bought absolutely not what was required. When all things are bought, do not forget to visit another store. Namely, a supermarket.

In the first weeks of staying at home with a baby, a young mother will not be far from kitchen worries, and you will need to eat everything with something. Dial more semi-finished products, based on their taste and usefulness, fill the refrigerator to the maximum with dairy products, fruits, vegetables.

Fill your fridge with healthy foods
Immediately on the day of discharge, take clothes for the baby and mother, a car seat, documents, flowers and an accompanying person with a video camera or camera. You are unlikely to have the time and opportunity to take good shots. Today you yourself, along with your wife and child, will play the main role. Try to arrive at the hospital a little early or at least on time. Believe me, there are no sweeter minutes than waiting for the moment when the door will finally swing open and two of your most beloved people on the planet will come out on the threshold.
And don't forget a bouquet of flowers for your wife.

Attention, only TODAY!

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