How to piss off a guy

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How to piss off a guy

It often happens that a person close to you is angry, although you behaved towards him very tactfully and delicately, trying to predict the slightest change in mood. But sometimes you want to annoy someone yourself, especially if this someone is amorphous and apathetic — you just feel like angering him with something so that he shakes himself up and understands that you can’t be bored all day.
How to piss off a guy


In fact, the reasons for making your loved one angry guy, may be many. There are even more reasons if the guy is not loved, and so. You can anger a person in order to help him, you can — just to show him who is the boss in the house, you can — as a practical joke. But if you take up this business, consider the temperament of your friend. If you don’t know him well, don’t wake up the beast in him. Someone will quickly «boil» and cool down just as quickly, and someone can cripple you in anger. Therefore, in no case do not forget about the precautions.
Let’s assume you’ve made up your mind. One of the surest ways to piss someone off is to repeat (exactly like a dumb ass) everything that someone says. You must have tried it for yourself. You can’t get rid of this and you won’t leave: often, in order to make a person stop repeating himself, you have to get angry and yell, and you just achieve this.
Also very angry constant draws. Some people may be tolerant of one or two pranks, but if they are repeated every day (and choose not some harmless jokes, but real evil jokes), and if the object of ridicule understands that this is the work of your hands, it is unlikely whether your friend will endure it with a calm heart. If he survives, then he is either a saint (then give up all attempts — you still won’t achieve anything), or … However, here you can continue the sentence yourself.
Play to your advantage guy. The most explosive topics will be politics, military history, religion — it all depends on guy. If you decide to make him angry, just enter into an argument with him on one of the dangerous topics and bend your line to the red mark, after which the worst begins. The main thing for you in this situation is to keep calm yourself: you want to make him angry, and not get angry yourself.
Whatever goals you pursue, remember that there is a limit to everything. Emotions are a dangerous thing, you never know where they might lead. A person may not understand your hint, get angry and leave, deciding that he will not waste time on such a bore. Of course, it can be the other way around: sometimes people need an emotional shake-up, especially those who can accumulate emotions in themselves for a long time, not knowing that this negativity is poisoning them. But still be skillful psychologists and proceed from the standpoint of usefulness. Unless, of course, you want to simply get rid of a person.

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