How to play a prank on a loved one on April 1

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How to play a prank on a loved one on April 1

April 1 is becoming one of the most beloved holidays in our country. And even its original name «April Fool’s Day» has long ceased to be the only one. Now it’s more like «April Fool’s Day». On April 1, we try to prank our friends, colleagues, and even the most daring bosses. However, there are ways to play your favorite too. human. Only this must be approached delicately and with cunning.
Laughter prolongs life
You will need
  • Watch, slippers, cell phone, salt, thread


Never try to play your soul mate in too «interesting» ways. No need to write love SMS from an unknown number, and then say that you read it and «who she is.» Or even worse would be to say that you fell in love with another and go to him, and then say: “Joke!” In general, design your prank so that it is actually funny. Otherwise, the «Day of laughter» will easily turn into a «Day of trials.»
Fortunately, there are also quite harmless jokes. Wait on the evening of March 31, when he falls asleep and move the clock forward an hour. Set an alarm and watch in the morning how your soul mate is conscientiously going to work. Although if your loved one gets up very hard in the morning, this joke may not seem funny to him. Therefore, wait for the return draw.
For another option of the draw, you need to prepare in advance. Buy house slippers in the store the same as his, only a couple of sizes smaller. And sincerely surprised in the morning, what happened to the slippers that they do not fit?
Change the ringtone on his phone to your call. Put on his least favorite tune or some ridiculous sound. Call him during business hours, when he will be in the office surrounded by colleagues. The effect will be great.
Another fun prank can be held in the evening after work. Say that a neighbor called and asked to bring salt or flour. Ask your loved one to take it. Naturally, no neighbor actually called. One can imagine her surprise when a neighbor brought her salt without asking.
At night, you can also save a harmless rally. Pull the thread under the sheet and pull when your loved one lies down in bed. The effect of a crawling insect will be created, which will cause a storm of emotions in your half. The main rule on this day is not to overdo it. Since the pleasure of the draw should be received not only by you, but also by the one you are playing.

Useful advice

Choose pranks, thinking about whether a person will appreciate them.

Attention, only TODAY!

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