How to play the girl you love

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How to play the girl you love

Humor is an essential part of life. To laugh yourself or make someone laugh, you can read a joke, a funny story, or watch a humorous show. But sometimes you can resort to such a concept as a draw. The reason for this may be April Fool’s Day (April 1) or just a good mood. Play your favorite girl It’s also easy, but it’s better to be careful with this.
A prank should make a person laugh
You will need
  • Plastic spider, flour, bat, flowers


First, think about what limits the prank should have, which your loved one will definitely not be offended by. Every person has their own limit of what is funny when it comes to themselves. But in any case, you must know your girl better than others, so prepare thoroughly and if anything, do not blame me.
Almost every girl is afraid of insects. Approach her unnoticed and shout: “You have a cockroach in your hair!” — there will be plenty of squealing. Or buy a plastic spider and mount it under the ceiling or somewhere else your companion will look at.
Girls are very jealous of their appearance. But some might still appreciate your next prank: put flour or starch in the hair dryer she dries her hair with every morning. The same can be done with the ventilation system in the car. Just keep in mind that you will most likely have to clean up after such fireworks.
Give your girlfriend a bouquet beautifully packaged to the very top. Only in the center of the bouquet, instead of the main flower, insert a bit. This is a prank hinting at the «soft and forgiving» nature of your lover. On the beat you can write: «My gentle and affectionate.» A girl will definitely appreciate such a bouquet. Just try not to give it after all the previous draws — you risk being beaten.
The main thing to remember when playing your girl — that she is a fragile and delicate creature. Choose pranks so that they do not bring her mental and even more physical pain. In the end, both the one who is playing and the one who is being played should laugh at a practical joke. Otherwise, this is no longer a joke, but a mockery.

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