How to please a beloved man?

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how to please the man you love

When you have strong feelings for your loved one, you want to constantly please him with something: say beautiful compliments, give gifts and do incredible things. Thus, an indicator of the intensity of feelings is manifested, and it tends to change depending on the stage of the relationship. Initially, the indicator exceeds the norm, because you want to please and surprise each other every second. Then the intensity decreases, and memories of a loved one come back occasionally. But the desire to please still does not disappear, just like love.

Many women wonder how to please the man they love, and often answer it from a female point of view. But not every man will like a cute teddy bear, a touching heart-shaped pillow or a bubble bath with rose petals. Although, regarding the bath, this option will appeal to you if a naked lover swims in it.

How to please a man?

Let’s figure out how to please a man:

  1. delicious food. If you have a desire to cook a romantic dinner for a man, you must take into account his tastes. It is unlikely that he will not like a light salad and strawberry ice cream. But the pork baked in the oven, sprinkled with herbs and alcohol will appeal to you.
  2. romantic evening. Candles should be lit on the table, two glasses and a bottle of champagne should stand. Beloved girl meets a man in a beautiful evening dress and shoes, then the effect will be stronger. Such evenings can be arranged at the first stages of a relationship. But after a while it is necessary to make a change — change champagne to wine, and evening dress to a nurse’s suit.
  3. gifts. The gift should be chosen based on tastes, interests and hobbies. If a man is fond of football, and you know which team he supports, it will not be difficult for you to purchase an accessory related to his preference.

How to please a man in bed?

Consider several options that allow you to please a man. How to please a man in sex:

    how to make a man happy

  1. Wear nice underwear. Men like lace, as well as stockings with garters. It is good if the underwear is black and red. Heels on your beloved will fill the image with more sexuality.
  2. Don’t turn off the light. Men like to see everything that happens. Visual images turn them on more than sound and tactile ones.
  3. Ask what he wants. Every man is fraught with small fantasies that I would like to translate into reality.
  4. Move. A man loves the active actions of his partner during sex.


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