How to please men?

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How to please men

All women want to be charming and so that “men fall at their feet and stack up in piles.” But how can you learn to please men, go to a boutique or call on psychology for help? And let’s look at the points that you need to please men and make up some ideal image that is desirable for most.

How to dress to please men?

Men like it when female forms are emphasized, when there is an opportunity to fantasize what is hidden from the eyes. Sweatshirts that open everything that is possible and impossible, skirts, belts and other mini-rags, called by some clothes, are not included in the list of things that make a woman sexy. It is better to choose things that beautifully fit the figure, emphasizing the curves of the body, blouses can be chosen with translucent inserts. True, you don’t need to completely close yourself in a case of clothes, you need to open it, but only one thing. For example, a deep neckline should not coexist with a miniskirt. And of course, pay special attention to the fabric — it should be pleasant to the touch so that there is a desire to touch again. As for the color, blue, cherry, black, white and red are considered the sexiest.

Shoes, of course, are preferable to feminine ones — shoes and sandals, and if they are also on high thin heels, then in general the ultimate dream. Of course, this is if the lady knows how to walk in heels, if you can’t, then such a useful skill is worth acquiring.

Jewelry should be restrained and emphasize femininity. For example, thin chains, elegant earrings. Massive jewelry, jewelry and huge earrings are not liked by all men, and they are far from being suitable for all ladies.

What needs to be done to please a man?

How to please men? Learn to make up, do manicure and hair. All this should be restrained, no huge nails with a strange pattern, too disheveled or unnaturally styled hair. And many men say that they like it when a lady is not wearing makeup. Not that they are lying, rather, they are a little prevaricating — skillfully applied cosmetics, emphasizing huge eyes and sensual lips, will not leave any man indifferent. But you don’t need to paint in all the colors of the rainbow, glue fan eyelashes and brightly blush your cheeks. You do not think that men are primitive and will not understand the artificiality of all these decorations? Who needs a doll? And yes, the smell should be pleasant too. By the way, do you know what men find pleasant? Not a 15 meter train of perfume, but a gentle, subtle fragrance that is felt only when a man leans towards you.

What to do to please a man, how to behave when meeting?

It is clear that beauty alone cannot conquer an object. The now popular science of psychology answers the question of how to please a man in his own way. So, psychologists are sure that men choose those women who like them, and do not “peck” on generally recognized beauties. That is, we must make it clear to the man that he is interesting to us, and only then will he be seriously interested in us. In the absence of signals from a woman, a man will perceive her only as a beautiful picture. Therefore, urgently learn body language, choose the most advantageous movements for yourself. Maybe you have charming curls, then the old female trick, when a woman plays a curl a little, casting glances at a man, is for you. How to please menOr maybe you have stunningly beautiful legs, then you can not be limited to the standard turn of the toes of the shoes towards the object. You can also cross your legs.

And yet, the same psychology says that a man can like not a girl who looks like a movie star, but a lady with a sense of humor, often laughing at his jokes. Even with closer communication, men appreciate kindness, honesty and emotionality in us. True, kindness and honesty are often laughed at, and female tantrums are condemned. But all men want a temperamental lover to be waiting for him in bed, and not a cold “herring”, to be met from work not by a prudent bitch, but by a caring wife. And of course, no man will like it when he is blatantly lied to.


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