How to praise a man

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How to praise a man

Severe and outwardly rough-looking men are actually quite sentimental and vulnerable. They, like women, can get upset and worry, they only know how to hide it all. And, if they do not respond to your praise, this does not mean at all that they do not hear them or do not appreciate the flattering words for themselves. They need words of support and gratitude no less than women, only praise man you need so that he does not doubt for a second the sincerity of your words.
How to praise a man


Rough flattery will not please even the most thick-skinned man, and he will immediately suspect you of insincerity. It can pass if you manage to play genuine delight and pronounce it as if it escaped you involuntarily. Although all women are born actresses, the main thing here is not to overact.
Never praise him by comparing him with your former partners. Firstly, it will be unpleasant for him that you compare him with them, even if the comparison is in his favor. And, secondly, he will understand that you still cannot forget your previous love.
You should not, praising him, be surprised and say that you did not expect such a feat from him or just a good deed. This suggests that your opinion of him is not very high and can kill his desire to do something good. Praise him by saying that you always knew this would happen and waited for it to happen. Such faith in his potential inspires any person and stimulates him to real feats in the name of your love.
Do not leave unnoticed and react to all his, albeit mean, words about his achievements. Even if he casually notices that he replaced a long-burnt outlet, do not be ironic about it, but thank and praise him.
Try not to over-praise excessively and not to lisp at the same time, calling him affectionate diminutive names with or without him. This can be perceived not as a sincere desire to praise, but even as a mockery.
Praise him in front of his friends, in front of relatives, but also very carefully, everything should be sincere and out of place. At the same time, those compliments that you utter in public, he should have previously heard at home, so that he would not have the feeling that you do not spare praise for him only in front of strangers.
Do not skimp on praise, feel your man and please him more often. Praise is a kind of drug that you hook him on and without which he can no longer do. By noticing and noticing all his successes, you increase his desire to earn your praise. Well, besides, it’s pleasant for you and yourself to note all the advantages of your man aloud and once again rejoice to yourself about how lucky you are with him.

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