How to punish a guy by loving?

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how to punish a guy

A lot can happen between two people: the guy can be wrong, and the girl. All this makes the relationship more strained. Eventually, there will probably be an explosion. Need to do something.

There are several questions here and probably several answers. To begin with, it would be worth answering honestly: did the guy really offend? Or maybe you were offended yourself?

If there was still an insult (the guy deceived, got nasty, did not fulfill his promise, etc.), then it is worth taking a closer look to see if he is aware of this. Maybe he thinks that «these are the rules of the game,» as the song goes. There are a lot of low-value books where guys are told fables about girls, and guys read, believe and act on the advice of unfortunate authors.

If a guy is aware of his guilt, then he should not be punished, everyone has the right to make a mistake.

How can you punish a guy by loving if he offended a girl and is not aware of this?

  1. It would be best to make it clear that this is not the case. Simulate a mirror situation, but remember: guys perceive many things more painfully than girls, and many — on the contrary. If the guy himself went to a friend’s birthday party, and didn’t even warn the girl, then she needs to go somewhere without him. And don’t warn either. And when he will be indignant, play surprise: “Are you offended? But why??? After all, you yourself always do it!” Just do not say vindictively: “Aha! Now you understand how I feel … «
  2. Often, girls choose jealousy as an instrument of revenge and provoke a loved one to make him jealous. The main thing here is not to overdo it and to furnish everything subtly, without vulgarity about frank flirting with another.
  3. Men do not want to see an unfortunate woman near them, so the image of the victim (apathy, eyes full of longing and resentment, etc.), tried on for a short time, can help the culprit admit his mistake and cause pangs of conscience in him.
  4. If the advice above did not help, then a total ignore can be a good way to take revenge on a guy for an offense. Do not pick up the phone, do not answer messages, do not contact at all. But at the same time, be in public more often and no matter how bad your soul is, pretend to be a woman beaming with happiness.
  5. Well, where to go without the most common way to manipulate men? Tears, plentiful and frequent, crying sobbing will not leave the offender indifferent. And even if not understanding your misdeed, then simply the desire not to see the girl’s sobs (which is not easy to endure) will force the young man to return the favor of his beloved by any means.

What if he offended on purpose? This means that the girl is not very dear to him, and instead of discussing how to punish the beloved guy, it is better to think about whether to part with him before he ruins his life?


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