How to raise a man?

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how to raise a man

Oddly enough, the upbringing of a man, although it should lie on the shoulders of the mother, most often remains with the wife. After all, it is she who will have to instill in a man a lot of useful household habits, without which marriage simply cannot remain positive and strong. After all, it is life that becomes the main cause of divorce.

How to raise a real man?

First of all, it is worth learning the main rule: if a mother can yell at her son (which, however, does not paint her at all), then the spouse has no right to stoop to this. Before her is not a five-year-old dirty trick, but an adult man with well-formed habits and character. That is why in no case should you switch to screams and scandals — after all, it is this, and not a T-shirt forgotten in a passerby, that can cause serious problems in marriage.

The main control lever of a man is his pride. From childhood, he was taught that he should be a man, strong, courageous, solving serious problems. It is from this that one must build on the question of how to raise a man.

In addition, you need to be the kind of person for whom you want to try. If you wear an old bathrobe at home and grumble all the time, it is unlikely that your husband will want to do something for you. But when the relationship is positive, and you are beautiful and well-groomed, it is very easy to form a desire to help you with anything in a man.

Keep in mind that not all traits are modifiable. For example, if a man is an introvert by nature, you will not force him to share with you everything that happens to him. If not a romantic, then he will not guess to gently hug you after watching a melodrama together (if he agrees to watch it at all). You can only slightly adjust his everyday habits, but keep in mind that you yourself will have to make concessions. None of you is obliged to adapt to the second, which means that everyone will have to change, because without this it will be difficult for you to coexist together.

In general, men brought up by women differ from the rest only in that they listen more to their spouses and help them around the house. You cannot turn a slob into a businessman, a slob into a neat one, a Don Juan into an exemplary family man, and an alcoholic into a normal person, and hundreds of unfortunate women who have embarked on this path can confirm this to you. A man should initially be good — loyal, honest, non-drinking, not aggressive. Otherwise, it will be very difficult with him — because you cannot change it.

Female upbringing of a man

There are no two people who met, began to live together — and immediately coincided in each of their everyday habits. Raising a real man who will be compatible with you should be soft, gentle and gradual.

For example, you send him to the store, and he consistently brings the wrong thing. Your man does not know why you choose female upbringing of a manthis kind of milk or washing powder, and that is why you can buy something that does not suit you. Don’t send him to the store for items he never bought with you, or give an accurate description. No scandals — just a convenient shopping list.

A lot of family problems revolve around the arrangement of things. If your man scatters his things around the house, and you are not ready to collect them, you can take and hang them on his computer monitor or TV — where they will definitely interfere with him, so that he will finally deal with them.

Do not forget about the most important thing — if it is important for him to cut a piece of bread not lengthwise, but across, sometimes it is easier to retrain yourself than to talk about it every day. Make compromises!


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