How to recognize a gay?

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how to recognize a gay

In the modern world, it is no longer possible to surprise anyone with a non-traditional orientation, and yet they don’t particularly disclose their belonging to gays or lesbians, because anyway society does not always understand and is tolerant of this. Because of such secrecy, which is often not so much secrecy from society as from oneself, there are problems. This is especially true for girls who can fall in love with a guy without even knowing that he is gay, and the guy at this time will use the girl as his cover in order to prove that he is quite heterosexual to himself. In order not to get into a situation that will surely lead only to the complete destruction of relationships and tears, it is necessary to study at least some of the basic signs of homosexuals, which will help in how to recognize a gay person. After all, there are often situations in which you have to doubt the naturalness of your new (or not so) acquaintance, so such knowledge will not be superfluous for any girl.

How to recognize a gay?

To begin with, it is worth referring specifically to the question of defining a gay, which is exactly one hundred percent gay, and not a latent or hidden representative of this sexual minority. Since with gays who have already finally decided on their own sexual orientation, there are much fewer problems and it is easier to recognize them.

If we talk about how to recognize a gay on the street, then this is primarily clothing. Of course, modern fashion trends can often make this definition difficult, but still the style of clothing says a lot about a person, even if it is not always easy to decipher. So, gays usually carefully monitor themselves and pay a lot of attention to their appearance. So their clothes are always neat, and any mess in the image is creative. In addition, gays usually always have excellent haircuts and hairstyles, well-groomed skin, lips, hands, and so on. In general, they devote no less time to their appearance than the average woman.

It is worth paying attention to how a man behaves with representatives of his gender. Gay men tend to be a little frivolous, flirting inconspicuously, and so on. In general, an experienced female eye will certainly notice some signals in the manner of communicating that cannot be ignored.

Also, bachelors may fall into the field of suspicion, although it can only be a matter of finding the perfect woman. And then there are men who stand up for women’s rights or, on the contrary, do not speak particularly well of the female representatives.

But, in fact, it is best to ask the object of suspicion everything directly. Usually, if the man is not closeted gay, he will answer the question. Let this be not a direct answer, but it will be quite understandable and unambiguous.

How to recognize a closeted gay?

But if you touch on the question of how to recognize a latent gay, then everything is already a little more complicated. There are individuals who cannot accept their essence or who cannot fully understand themselves in order to determine with it. how to recognize gayIt is much more difficult to recognize such representatives of sexual minorities. They often try to disguise their sexual orientation, which is why they start relationships with girls who do not lead to anything good.

But the problem is that all the signs by which a gay person can be identified are very ambiguous. If a guy is not ashamed of his nature and accepts himself as he is, then it is quite easy to recognize him, any girl will feel that, as they say, something is wrong here. With hidden gays, everything is more complicated, so you should pay attention to everything in a guy: his tastes, preferences, his style. In the end, on whether he sees off the beauties with forms on the street. But all the same, it is difficult to draw an unambiguous conclusion on your own, and it is advisable to talk heart to heart, so that in the end you do not suffer because of someone who is not worth tears.


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