How to recognize a pickup artist?

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how to recognize a pickup artist

Pick-up artists are modern don Juans who evaluate girls on a scale of attractiveness and sexuality, and get to know them solely for the sake of sleeping. At the same time, pick-up artists behave so gallantly and charmingly that it can be very difficult not to fall in love with them. As a result of such a situation, it is almost always the same: a broken heart of a girl and another name on the list of victories for a guy. Therefore, it is worth figuring out how you can recognize a pick-up artist in order to entertain yourself with false hopes and not waste your time on a person who almost certainly does not deserve it.

How to recognize a pickup artist in real life?

All pickup trucks behave quite confidently. They can start a conversation with any phrase, whether it is an empty platitude or something original and attention-grabbing. But the main thing is self-confidence, which is felt and attracts, because every woman wants to see a strong man next to her.

Also pickup artists always know what to talk about. There will be no awkward pauses in the conversation, but there will also be no excessive obsession. On the contrary, the guy will show the ideal golden mean: a pleasant conversation in which he will tell about himself and will definitely ask about the girl. An important sign of how to recognize a pick-up artist is tactile or eye contact. The young man will try to make eye contact with the girl, unobtrusively touch her, and so on.

And, of course, the pick-up artist will try to impress the girl, to do something unusual and memorable, so that the girl thinks that she has found the very one, the one and only, which simply has no equal in the world. And all this for only one purpose — to drag the girl into bed, and as quickly as possible.

How to recognize a pickup artist on the Internet?

If in life everything is more difficult, since you have to evaluate many signs at once, and also the charm of a young person will interfere, then on the Internet everything is quite simple. If a guy appears out of nowhere with a persistent desire to meet, offers to meet, showers with compliments and other things in the same vein, then this is probably a pick-up artist. And usually on the Internet there are not special professionals in this matter, so it’s not a problem to recognize them, everything is too obvious.


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