How to recognize his attitude towards yourself

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How to recognize his attitude towards yourself

If your romance is not yet a year old, then in a relationship everything seems pretty simple and cloudless. But sooner or later there comes a moment when you would like to know how sincere his intentions are, what place you occupy in the life of your young man, and how your relationship can end. Asking a man such questions is stupid and inappropriate. Interrogation with predilection will only push him away from you. But the assessment of the actions of the chosen one will help to draw the necessary conclusions.
Strong hugs mean nothing
You will need
  • Observation, objective assessment, wisdom and understanding.


Remember how your man behaves when you are together in the company of your mutual or his acquaintances. How often does he pay attention to you, try to talk to you, touch on whether he tells his friends about you. A loving man never leaves his girlfriend unattended, he wants to talk about her as much as possible, boast and be proud of her in front of people. A person with frivolous intentions towards you tries to go to events and holidays alone, rarely shows you to his friends and relatives. Such a moment should be very alarming.
Pay attention to how he reacts to your successes and personal achievements in life. And what does he do to help you. If a man sincerely rejoices for you, advises when you ask for support or help, or simply helps when you don’t even ask him for it, then this man really has serious feelings for you.
How often does he give you gifts and surprises. Understand that the desire to please you and make you happy is inherent not only to romantics. Every man, if he loves and plans his future with you, always gives gifts, flowers, tries to surprise you with something.

Tip 2: How to spot a terrorist

As recent tragic events show, suicide bombers may be of both sexes. Judging by the analysis of cases of terrorist attacks, kamikaze terrorists can be young people aged 18-35, and of different nationalities. There were also cases of terrorist attacks by minors and teenagers. Even though the types of suicide bombers are different, they have a lot in common.
How to spot a terrorist


The first important task of a terrorist is to dissolve in a crowd of people without drawing attention to himself. Judging by the events in Moscow, on the territory of the Russian Federation, women are usually used as suicide bombers by the organizers of terrorist acts.
When committing a terrorist act, suicide bombers are dressed in clothes that are common for the area. However, some distinguishing features can be seen in their dress and demeanor. The woman’s head is covered with a headdress, and this is not necessarily a traditional blind scarf, but also scarves and baseball caps. In summer, the clothes of a terrorist are loose, hiding an explosive device on her body, i.e. does not match the weather.
Distinctive external signs of kamikaze terrorists are unhealthy pallor of the face, inadequate behavior, inhibition of movements and reactions that are caused by the possible use of tranquilizers or drugs, as well as evasion from CCTV cameras: an attempt to turn away, lower your head, hide behind a taller person, cover your face with a scarf or hand.
As a rule, a suicide bomber carries a mobile phone with him to contact the management in case of difficulties. Since terrorists are usually not residents of Moscow, they are distinguished by uncertain orientation in the area, the inability to easily use subway cards and composters in land transport, as well as difficulties in using a mobile phone.
As for cars with terrorists, they do not stop near the site of the attack. In the presence of the driver of the car, the terrorists try not to speak, or limit themselves to general phrases in their own language. Female terrorists turn away or cover their faces with a headscarf. While living in apartments, suicide bombers never leave the premises, they are strictly forbidden to communicate with their neighbors in any case.
The nationality of a terrorist does not play an important role for the organizers of terrorist actions. Although, taking into account the analysis of recent tragic events on the territory of Russia, there is a noticeable tendency to use rural residents of the remote southern regions of the country.
Keep in mind that behind the appearance of an item, its real purpose may be hidden. Under the usual object — a bag, a package, a bundle, a child’s toy, a mobile phone — an improvised explosive device can be hidden. If a suicide bomber feels the attention of people on himself, he is able to immediately detonate the explosive device. In this regard, try to remain calm. If possible, report a suspicious person to administrative or law enforcement agencies or security services without drawing the terrorist’s attention to yourself. Once again, pay attention: do not take independent actions in relation to people or objects that are suspicious to you. In this case, it is necessary to report your suspicions to the police or special services as soon as possible.

Useful advice

Do not build illusions and sandcastles. If it seems to you or you see for sure that a man does not take any part in your life, does not seek to change something, lives on his own, then this man is not yours. And no matter how hard it is for you, it is better to end the relationship with such a person as soon as possible.

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