How to refresh relationships?

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How to freshen up a relationship

According to psychologists, the classic phrase that marriage kills love does hide some truth in itself. However, they also argue that family life can remain flourishing and full for many years. We just need to remember that neither our marriage, nor the feelings of another person towards us are something permanent and taken for granted. Any relationship — and family, perhaps, most of all! – need periodic “update injections”. Read what exactly they can be, and how they can be used to refresh your family relationships.

Go somewhere for the weekend

And here we do not mean the usual trip to the country (since it is unlikely to help refresh relations), but a short excursion to places unfamiliar to you. If you have small children and you decide to take them with you, they will surely be delighted too. The ideal option is to go again together to that city (country, village) where you first, many years ago, came together. Find the same hotel, ask to be placed in the same room. Oddly enough, such a slightly sad excursion into the past will help you refresh your relationship with your husband.

Make surprises

You have no idea how pleasant unexpected little things can refresh your relationship. Go beyond the usual birthdays or holidays to give your partner a gift. This gift will be of special value precisely because it was not expected. Hide a large chocolate bar under his pillow. Buy a card, write words of love and tenderness on it, and put it in the book he is reading.

Ask questions

Experts emphasize that, while at home, spouses spend only 4% of their time talking about personal problems and affairs. Get in the habit of asking your husband how his day went. Simple short gatherings in the kitchen will help to refresh the relationship. Believe me, he will appreciate your interest and will be grateful to you even for a five-minute conversation (men, one way or another, avoid long conversations!)

touch him

Communication with a husband is not only verbal dialogues. Don’t be afraid to touch it as often as possible. The simplest gestures will help freshen up your relationship: sit next to him, hug him, put your head on his shoulder, gently run through his hair. At the end of a hard day, he will be grateful for these unobtrusive signs of attention.

Talk about yourself

About what is bothering you, about what you feel or think — even if you know that he will not agree with your view of things. Wordplay and clashing opinions often act as a healthy irritant, as a lever to help freshen up the routine of familiar relationships. Remind your husband that you are a person!

Take care of yourself

As always, so now, it is easiest for a woman to refresh relations with her husband through her appearance. Don’t let yourself go! Lose those extra pounds that you have from time to time. Have several haircuts that suit you in stock and alternate between them. Watch your face and spend money on manicures and pedicures if you are not able to do them yourself. A man may not be happy if you spend money on an extra pair of shoes or another bag. But he will reverently shut up if you say that you spent such and such an amount on a beautician.

change place

If you’re concerned about freshening up your sexual relationship, consider that the bedroom isn’t the only place in your apartment where you can make love. In this matter, the sudden and what you do not expect is usually always better than the programmed and foreseen.

Go to sleep together

How to refresh your relationship with your husband

This advice is given by the American psychologist, consultant on marriage and family relations Mark Goulston. A married couple, he says, can freshen up their relationship by remembering how eager they were to go to bed in the early years of their marriage. The psychologist notes that, according to his observations, all happy couples avoid going to bed separately — even if they need to wake up at different times in the morning.

Express your love

Do you think this is banal or even vulgar? In vain! How else can you refresh your relationship with your husband if you do not tell him that even after so many years he is dear to you — just like on the day when he was waiting for you on your first date. Under the clock, with frozen daffodils in their hands…


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