How to release a person from thoughts

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how to let a person out of his thoughts advice from a psychologist

Parting with a once loved one is very difficult. And even after the end of the relationship, it is not possible to forget him. Such situations are not at all uncommon, which is why many are interested in how to let a person go out of their thoughts, and the advice of a psychologist in this regard can really help, but only if they are taken seriously.

What does it mean to let a person go?

First, you need to understand for yourself that letting go means learning to live without it. Do not forget completely, do not doomedly come to terms with the absence, namely, start living anew — fully, happily, but without it. That is, first you have to get rid of negative emotions, dissatisfaction with yourself, feelings of guilt for your own «imperfection», low self-esteem and complexes. And after you have tuned in to a calmer mood, you should proceed to the main “treatment”.

How to let a person out of your life when love is over?

Psychologists advise in this case:

  1. Cry out — once, but thoroughly, until completely devastated.
  2. Do not idealize your relationship with your lover, try to remember not only good moments, but also negative ones.
  3. Get rid of all his things, gifts, jointly purchased property, that is, from objects of material binding.
  4. Think no more about him, but about yourself.
  5. Don’t look for someone to blame.
  6. Drive away sad thoughts.
  7. Enlist the support of friends.
  8. Find new reasons to be happy.

How to let go of a loved one from the heart with an unrequited feeling?

Also, many are concerned about the problem from the same area of ​​psychology: how to let go of a loved one if he did not reciprocate. Try to look at it objectively, find its flaws and focus on them:

  1. Drop expectations — stop hoping that he will be with you.
  2. Do not get close to him, try to cut off all contact with him if possible.

How to let go of a person on an emotional level if he has died?

Unfortunately, it also happens that a loved one leaves us for another world. And to come to terms with this, even realizing the fact of death, is extremely difficult. how to let someone out of your lifePsychologist’s advice on how to let a person out of thoughts in this case is as follows:

  1. Throw away regrets — you could not change anything, but this is not a reason to indulge in torment.
  2. Grieve and accept the fact that he is no more.
  3. Don’t stay alone for a long time.
  4. Write a farewell letter and keep it.
  5. To make plans for the future — you need to understand that you still have it.


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