How to remove a grease stain

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How to remove a grease stain

Remove bold spot — a matter of honor for any hostess. There are such stains for various reasons, and not everyone knows how to remove greasy stains. At the same time, there are quite a few ways to deal with spots of this kind.
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You will need
  • Gasoline, blotting paper, iron, bread crumb, tooth powder, turpentine, acetone, chalk powder.


Moisten fresh fatty spot acetone, after it softens, remove the remaining stain with gasoline. Also, turpentine is used to remove fresh stains, if it does not change the color of the clothes.
Line the soiled fabric with blotting paper on both sides, heat the iron and run over the fabric — excess grease should remain on the blotting paper. Repeat this procedure again. If you do not know how to remove fat spotthis method is the safest, since substances such as gasoline, acetone and turpentine can cause discoloration of clothing at the site of contamination.
Pour fresh fat spot on light clothes with chalk powder. Let the chalk soak up the grease, then shake the clothes to remove the powder. Repeat this procedure as needed until the stain disappears completely.
Take tooth powder and sprinkle it on spot from vegetable oil. After it absorbs the oil, shake off the rest of the powder from your clothes. Also, to get rid of greasy stains of vegetable origin, you can use bread crumb, it will absorb oil, and clothes will need to be washed in warm powder water.


After using gasoline and acetone to remove greasy stains, an unpleasant odor remains, which also then has to be removed.

Useful advice

Fresh greasy stains are removed more easily than old ones. Therefore, when a stain is found, start removing it immediately, without delaying for a long time.

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