How to remove oily sheen

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How to remove oily sheen

Fatty shine skin is a problem for many people, most often the younger generation. Similar problems arise due to malnutrition and insufficient facial skin care, but all this can be corrected if you know how to remove oily skin. shine.
How to remove oily sheen
You will need
  • Tonic, washing gel, peeling, clay masks, moisturizers, diet.


Stick to a non-strict diet, limit the consumption of fried, fatty, spicy foods, also try to eat less sweets. Try not to eat bakery products, do not drink sugary carbonated drinks. Such a diet will help you normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands, which will affect the condition of your skin, oily shine will gradually disappear.
Use a cleansing gel for washing in the mornings and evenings, wash your face with cold water. Twice a week use peeling for deep cleansing of the face. Before applying makeup, use toner as a base. Apply to the skin in the morning and evening cream — respectively, day and night.
Use clay-based face masks, it is desirable that they be film masks, they deeply cleanse the pores, narrow them, which affects the skin of the face in the best possible way. To fight fatty shineWe also use moisturizing masks based on folk recipes.
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In order not to disrupt the work of the stomach and intestines, while on a diet, take vitamins, replace bread and bakery products with bread — the body must receive everything necessary for normal functioning.

Useful advice

Use cleansers, creams, masks in combination and stick to a diet — this way you will get the result much faster.

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