How to return the love of a husband?

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How to get your husband's love back

Lost love is a real grief for the family. It is difficult to keep any marriage with arguments: “we have children in common”, “I am a decent woman, and there are no more of them”, “stay, I will not interfere with your personal life”, if the husband has lost interest and is going to divorce. Yes, and you can also understand it: is it good to live with an unloved person who constantly grumbles or cries, walks in a greasy bathrobe, and no one remembers the title of the last book he read, because it was 10 years ago. Nevertheless, you can try to change something and fight for the feelings of your beloved man, but if you sit back, then, alas, sooner or later you will have to find out how difficult the life of a single woman is.

Is it possible to return love?

Is it possible to return love — it depends only on you: how much determination, resourcefulness and desire are enough. Theoretically, you can return love: this man once chose you, but over time, both of you changed, and love disappeared. Therefore, you are faced with such a task: to find out what he lacks in a woman right now.

How to return love in a relationship with a husband?

To find out how to return a man’s love, you need to understand what he lacks, and this can be done in several ways:

  • observation. If you go with him, pay attention to those women to whom his gaze clings, find out which actresses he likes and in which films (to take into account the role of the heroine and appearance). The main thing is careful observation and consideration of the necessary qualities, because he may like different details and demeanor;
  • direct question. If the relationship is trusting, you can ask your husband for advice on what he would like to change in you and why.

If we didn’t manage to find out specifically, then we unfold a global plan: how to win the love of a husband.

  1. Appearance. Good external data is very important both for personal self-confidence and for attracting a man. Do not spare money on your beauty: contact good specialists (hairdresser, stylist, makeup artist), use expensive cosmetics and perfumes systematically.
  2. Figure. Sign up for fitness, if you are overweight — go on a diet, because a beautiful and flexible body is very attractive to the male sex. Any outfit will emphasize sexuality, which will greatly speed up the «return of love.»
  3. Mind. It is not necessary to know the basics of higher mathematics, but an active life position and elementary erudition will elevate you in his eyes. To do this, it is enough to read books of Russian or foreign classics every day and view the news.
  4. How to win the love of a husband with the help of independence? Independence makes a woman mysterious and inaccessible, and this is exactly what can arouse the instinct of a hunter in him: remember that the road to career growth is open not only for men.
  5. Cozy house. Here we will understand how to return the love of a husband at home. Any man wants to return to a warm, cozy home, where his beloved wife and a delicious dinner await him after work. If we are still working on the first, then it will not be difficult to complete the second point: indulge your spouse with culinary delights, keep the house clean and decorate it.
  6. Care. Now we will learn how to return the love of a loved one with the help of care and affection: for this you need to surprise your man with small surprises. They depend on what he likes: if it’s cherry pie — run to the kitchen, if cycling — quickly to the sporting goods store for an «upgrade».
  7. Useful hobby. There is no need to explain how to return cooled feelings with the help of the ability to dance a striptease, because this is a great prelude to spending an unforgettable night. Striptease is quite an effective way to diversify your family life.
  8. Jealousy. The answer of a cunning but courageous woman to the question: “How to return the feelings of a husband?” will be unequivocal: constantly cause jealousy. With the data that you will have after How to return love to the familyfulfilling the previous points, it will not be difficult to organize, however, you will still need to learn the art of flirting and manners so that men correctly understand your intentions by gestures and facial expressions.

How to return love to the family?

In families where there are children (especially adolescents), the problem sometimes arises that they move away from their parents, and the husband and wife from each other. And it turns out that there is no love in the family. To fix this, have family gatherings more often, and spend every weekend together: go hiking, rollerblading, or have a home match at one of the board games.


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