How to satisfy your partner

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How to satisfy your partner

Intimate questions have always aroused unprecedented interest. However, for many, the topic of how to satisfy a partner is still relevant. People try to look for answers in various thematic books, on the Internet, magazines, but you just need to think a little about what he likes best.
You will need
  • Desire to satisfy partner.


You should not spare either time or effort for foreplay, because this is half the success. In addition, during foreplay, both you and your partner should have a really strong desire, and then everything will definitely work out.
If something does not work out, do not withdraw into yourself and talk with your partner. To begin with, tell what touches and caresses are pleasant to you, and after that, let your partner share frank information. In addition, feel free to express your desires during the process, so that you really enjoy it. Ask your partner for the same.
Make sure that the place where you plan to enjoy each other is cozy and calm. So, you should not be afraid of being caught, because otherwise you will not be able to fully relax. In addition, it is ideal if the room has subdued lights, appropriate music, perhaps candles and light food.
Try your best to show your partner that what he is doing really causes pleasure. But don’t lie. Show emotions only when you really feel good.
In order to insist on a romantic mood, you can dream about a future meeting with a partner, exchange intimate pictures (but not too frank) or watch high-quality erotica together.
Romantic mood


Even if something didn’t work out, don’t be discouraged, because in this intimate matter, as in many others, training is important.

Useful advice

1. Feel free to express your feelings and emotions.

2. Completely trust your partner, and let him do the same.

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