How to save love

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How to save love

The most beautiful feeling on earth love, like any jewel, requires a careful attitude. To save it and save your feelings, try to avoid those mistakes that can lead to big trouble — the loss of love. Even romantic relationships can be controlled.
How to save love


Even if you have already sworn an oath of love and eternal fidelity to each other and sealed it in your passport, this is no reason to treat your loved one as your property. Respect each other’s personal space and the other’s right to personal freedom. This is paradoxical, but the more free the partners are in their manifestations, the stronger their union.
Another paradox of love: we enjoy the fact that we give everything to another, including the most precious thing for ourselves. Do not be afraid to be deceived, in any case, the pleasure that you received in giving will compensate for everything. Experience joy from the fact that you bring it to another.
Know how to find all new, positive qualities in your loved one, do not treat him like a read book. Arrange unexpected surprises yourself, develop, do not stand still. Share what you have learned and found. The world is so interesting that it is foolish not to use the opportunities that it gives us.
Do not try to change each other, but listen to the comments that your partner makes. Communicate and talk about what annoys you, try to be sympathetic to the requests that he makes.
Let it become a habit and a need for you to discuss daily what you have seen and experienced. Share with each other. Ask for advice and do not forget to thank for the help. Be attentive to your partner’s problems and respond to changes in his mood. Don’t leave him without support when he needs it.
Don’t be confused by periods of cooling, these are natural processes. People cannot constantly be in a state of mad love and euphoria — emotions also need to rest. Just wait it out and don’t doubt the feelings of your loved one.
Learn to appreciate and cherish your feelings, do not throw tantrums and scandals over trifles. When two people decide to unite and live together, they must understand that both of them will have to work hard for this. save love only if you are ready to make compromises and self-sacrifice for her sake. But she’s worth it.

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