How to solve problems with parents

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How to solve problems with parents

Surprisingly, adults and their growing children live in different dimensions! And the point here is not that boys and girls of 15 years of age are very frivolous and irresponsible, as parents often say, and therefore adults have a desire to “keep in check” and control their children. Each parent plays a predetermined, “approved” role, not being able to deviate from the script, it is not clear who invented it and why.
How to solve problems with parents


Let your parents know that you need their advice and help. This will help establish a favorable environment in the house. You don’t have to turn away from them. Be closer, be more honest and try to please, at least a little bit, but every day.
If your parents treat you like a small child, politely remind them that you have already grown up and would like to decide together with them Problemsthat are related to your life. Tell us about your experiences, plans, they will understand that you are growing up and becoming reasonable.
Express understanding to your parents, they get it at work and at home. Please them with your success. This will help establish contact and build mutual understanding. You can talk, understand, and if necessary, forgive each other. Parents are to be cherished!
Try to talk to parents normal language is better than shouting and slamming doors. No need to be bold, be calm and balanced. Accept your parents for who they are. It is also not necessary to teach loved ones «how to live.» Accepting and respecting the views, habits, tastes of our parents, we accept and respect ourselves. Only in this case can we count on mutual understanding.

Useful advice

How difficult it is sometimes with parents! And it’s good that we have them! You can bury yourself in the warm palms of your mother, she will definitely listen and regret. To cling to the firm father’s shoulder, he will give the necessary advice, and it will become easier. Do it now. As long as they are with you.

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