How to solve relationship problems

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How to solve relationship problems

Periodically in any relations arise Problems. The main task is not to get rid of all problems — it is impossible. Need to learn how to decide Problems so that this decision is final and does not allow problems to grow and kill your feelings.
Problems arise in relationships even among the most friendly couples.


Always listen to your partner and don’t try to defend yourself. Your loved one is upset, and sometimes it is enough for him to just speak out. An attempt to defend yourself will be perceived as inattention on your part. Emotions are seething in your loved one, let them splash out, and only then calmly try to discuss the problem together. Use active listening techniques.
After the stream of accusations dries up, it is worth apologizing. Say that you understand the dissatisfaction with the situation, agree that the problem exists, and start a discussion.
Try to find a solution Problems together. Do not rush to make cardinal proposals. Turn the discussion so that the decision is made mutually, so that it is in the interests of both parties, then it will be easier to implement it.
If the decision you make does not suit the other side, offer some compensation in advance. A friend will be much easier to endure your absence from a family celebration if, in return, you offer her an evening together in a trendy restaurant.
If the initiator of the discussion Problems are you, make sure the time is correct. It is unlikely that your partner will pay due attention to your claims if he rushes to an important meeting. You must be sure that you have enough time. If the topic of discussion is really important, agree on a time when you can discuss this issue.
You can’t know for sure what happened until you hear from your partner. Don’t get carried away with telepathy. If you want to know for sure, just ask. Sometimes the most incredible things have the most ordinary explanation. Don’t waste your nerves.
Don’t push the situation to the limit. If you feel like you’re losing control, it’s best to take a break. Still, nothing constructive will come of it right now. Relax, take a break for 10-15 minutes, take a walk and calm down. After that, you can return to the discussion Problems. Try to end the conversation only on a positive or neutral note.
Don’t fight in front of people. Put a taboo on any showdown in a crowded place. Never quarrel, do not start to sort things out in front of strangers. Agree on this rule in advance. And even more so, never invite friends or relatives as arbitrators of your dispute. This is only your relationship, and here, as in bed, there is an extra one.

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