How to start a new life in the new year

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How to start a new life in the new year

New Year — this holiday is associated by everyone not only as a holiday and a meeting of the next year, but also gives hope that the wishes made on this New Year’s Eve will come true. Just before you make a wish, you need to think carefully, sincerely ask yourself whether you need this desire so much and whether you are ready to receive it.

The wording of your thoughts should be more precise and clear. After all, the more specific the desire, the more precisely it is formulated, the more likely it is to be received. Namely: as you wish, so it will be fulfilled.

How to start a new life in the new year


Starting a new life, follows the same principle: the more precise the desire for change, the more likely it is to get it. For example, make a list of everything you would like to get new on a regular notebook sheet. You can break down your desires, your planned changes into points. It is also necessary to remember that there is a law of attraction — what you think about, you get, what you are afraid of, then it comes true. Therefore, it is better to leave fears and doubts. Be confident in what you write about.
The writing should be in the present tense, that is, if you want to quit smoking next year, then write: «I quit smoking in the new year.» We also need to remember that life gives what we expect from it, but not what we want.
There is another method for fulfilling desires and changing your life, it is called Gratitude. It is applied in exactly the same way as the previous one, but with a slightly different wording, namely: «I am grateful that I quit smoking.»


There are many methods, and which one is right for you depends on your inner mood. If the technique is chosen correctly, then it usually brings pleasure from its application.

Useful advice

If you want changes in life, then of course you need to take power into your own hands, power over all circumstances. Starting a new life, you need to change yourself. Leave passivity, start acting and then you will definitely understand that your life depends only on you.

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