How to stop complex in front of a man?

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How to stop complex in front of a man

Many women are embarrassed to undress in front of men because of their complexes. Because of this, they cannot be liberated and feel free in bed with him. Almost every woman can find at least one drawback in herself, most often it sounds like this: I have cellulite, small breasts, a big belly, and the like. Maybe you can calm yourself down and succeed, but in front of a man the complexes are amplified by 2 times.

The reason for the appearance of complexes

Most often stereotypes are to blame. Since childhood, you have heard opinions that sex is bad, during bed scenes we were closed our eyes or simply kicked out to another room. Because of this, the thought stuck in my head that sex is something shameful, and the manifestation of one’s desires is equated with perversion. All this influenced the formation of complexes that interfere with your relationship with a man.

Also, many women are influenced by stereotypes of appearance. Try to find an ugly woman in magazines or in some TV show. Perfect, slender girls with beautiful well-groomed skin and hair smile at you from every page of the gloss. Although let’s really consider what they promote: long legs, excessive thinness, lack of breasts and so on. And if you ask men, then many do not like it at all, so this problem is only in your head. Statistics show that men love women in the body, not walking «skeletons». And in general, in bed, a man has practically no time to consider you, and if you are with him, it means that he has already appreciated you for a long time. Therefore, it’s time to put all your complexes aside and start loving yourself. Thus, you can enjoy the attention of a man, and not be shy and think about your own shortcomings.

Women’s tricks

There are several ways to be more comfortable in bed and not think about your shortcomings.

  1. It is necessary to tan, as a body with dark skin looks slimmer and sexier. If it’s not summer outside, then go to the salon or just buy a self-tanning spray. The first time you need to apply the product on the whole body, and the next day, cover with self-tanning only those parts of the body that you would like to make visually slimmer. Also, many women use various oils that give the skin a glow, and it will look very smooth.
  2. Another secret is accessories. Various beads, bracelets, can divert attention from problem areas and decorate dignity. Stockings, high heels, all this will not only decorate the body, but also diversify the sex life.
  3. Create a romantic atmosphere, arrange candles, roses, throw a red fabric over the lamp. Diffused light will present your figure in the best way.
  4. A great way to relax is massage. You can do it yourself, go to the salon or ask a loved one. Use oils, creams, all this will help you to relax and love your body.
  5. Exercise and eat right. Thanks to this, you can lose weight, and extra pounds will no longer need to be hidden.
    stop being complex in front of a man You can give preference to any direction of training, it can be yoga, swimming, Pilates, running, etc. Sports will help you lose weight, improve plasticity and posture, you will become a real «cat».
  6. To overcome all your fears and complexes, dance your favorite striptease. Believe me, he will be very happy with your every move, and you will forget about your shortcomings once and for all.

All these recommendations should completely change your relationship with a man. Now you are a liberated woman who loves her body, and does not give the slightest chance to any complexes.


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