How to stop loving your husband?

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How to stop loving your husband

A woman, by nature, is in many ways weaker than a man. The desire to adapt, make his decisions, trust him and rely on him in many respects is deeply embedded in us, from the time when the responsibility for the entire family lay with the representatives of the stronger sex. But sometimes our complaisance is to our detriment. Sometimes, a woman trusts a man who is completely unworthy of this trust. And as a result — not always happy. What if this person is a husband? How to open your own eyes? How to go against nature, looking facts in the eye? How to stop loving your husband?

Our habitual love for a person is most often based on those good feelings and emotions that we experienced with him in the first stages of a relationship. In the future, this love is strengthened by difficult situations experienced together. A woman from them is even more convinced of the fidelity of her choice — she got a worthy man, he will be able to protect her, in which case. It is important to notice and understand that at a certain point in time, the image of a person in our head is already formed so complete that we stop correcting and correcting it with new data.

And what follows next — you can easily guess for yourself. A person already behaves differently, performs other actions, but we still see that person who then became close to us. So it turns out that you understand: in the literal sense, it’s time to stop loving!

How to fall out of love with a husband — advice from psychologists

  1. Take a piece of paper and a pencil. Try to relax as much as possible, think about your husband. Write down everything that you like about him, everything that you ADD to his virtues. Write everything, do not be afraid! Then you yourself will be able to refute everything.
  2. When this part is exhausted, force yourself to face the truth. You have long ago subconsciously realized that you are far from being as good as you would like. But consciously you are still returning to the past, to the image of the man that you fell in love with.
  3. Note for yourself that you now are probably not the same as you were N-th number of years ago. Who knows better than you! So it is likely that the man you will need now is different. It’s natural.
  4. Write down all the shortcomings on the sheet. Try not to embellish, do not write what you really do not think. Just face the truth at last, you have the courage to say to yourself: «I want to stop loving my husband.»

It is a little more difficult when a woman does not let go of her past life, then she thinks about how to stop loving her ex-husband. To the method of identifying advantages and disadvantages, it is worth adding the old folk wisdom: «The eyes do not see — the heart does not hurt.» The minimum number of contacts with the past, a rich life in the present, and one day, meeting him by chance on the street, you will only have a warm sadness about the departed. Such methods in women’s forums are confirmed by more than one woman who managed and fell out of love with her husband.

In the problem of how to stop loving your husband, working with your attitude towards him is only half the success of the case, psychologists say. Very important I want to fall in love with my husbandwork hard on yourself.

Think more about yourself, about your life. Do you like what you do, how you live and what you see in the mirror every morning. Try, through a pile of agreements with other people’s opinions and compromises, to find yourself, your opinion, your view of everything that happens. The desire to please a loved one, to indulge him in everything, destroys our individuality. Finally go to the sport or dance that you have been dreaming of for so long, take up vocals, learn to play the guitar, master Chinese cuisine and rearrange with the obligatory throwing out of unnecessary things.

And over time, your self-respect will increase so much that you will firmly say: “I fell out of love with my husband, I realized that we are not on our way.”


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