How to strengthen a relationship with a guy

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How to strengthen a relationship with a guy

With time relations with a loved one can go bad. But do not think that nothing can be returned. After all, it is in your power to strengthen them and make them more reliable and trustworthy. The result will depend on the efforts you put in and on the desire of the second half to be with you.
You will need
  • A guy who has not extinguished relationships, the desire to restore them.


1) Avoid common mistakes that kill love.
Most couples in love do not realize that some of their actions destroy relations. Many partners, even after a while, cannot let go of the past and constantly remember their former lovers. Naturally, no one likes this. Also, never compare your current and former crush. Do not be selfish, as your soulmate deserves constant attention. Learn not only to speak, but also to listen. Know how to support your partner in difficult situations. Try to accept the person you love the way they are. Do not try to change his character, tastes and appearance. From all this, love disappears.
2) Appreciate your partner, praise him more often.

In this way, you show that he is the most dear person to you. Saying «I’m proud of you» will strengthen relations With guy. Praise your beloved for his mind, because a man is very flattered when a woman appreciates his mental abilities. Praise him for his good looks. Be sure to point out the features that seem particularly outstanding to you. Praise also deserves his ability to carry on a conversation, keep the house clean, the absence of bad habits. But do not give compliments if your words are not true. This approach will not only improve relationsbut also to increase the self-esteem of the guy.

3) Change your appearance, character and attitude to life.
In order to strengthen relationsIt is enough just to get rid of negative character traits and bad habits. It is not necessary to adapt to your partner, but you can take at least a few steps towards your soulmate. Love yourself if you want the other person to love you. Perhaps a new hairstyle, outfit or improved physical shape will bring novelty to your relations with a young man that will only strengthen them.
4) Pay more attention to your sex life.
Without sex, there can be no meaningful relationship. Sex allows not only to get pleasure, but also to revive love. Remember: when was the last time you felt passion? Add quick sex that will revive relations and warm up the sexual desire of partners. Diversify your sex life by learning new positions, role-playing games or using various sex toys.
Happy couple

Tip 2: How to strengthen relationships

The creation of a family does not end with a trip to the registry office and the official registration of marriage, but only begins. Cohabitation is a daily creative work in which both parties take part. The feelings cementing the family are not the mutual passion of the spouses, but love, trust, care for each other. Strengthen relations and create a strong and friendly family, which is not afraid of any obstacles, in several ways.
How to strengthen relationships


Learn to accept each other for who you are and appreciate the qualities for which you fell in love with your partner. You should never attempt to re-educate and announce your desire to eradicate the shortcomings that you see in your spouse. If something annoys you, try to talk and explain why it’s happening. A person who loves and respects you will try to improve, but do not use aggression and blackmail for this.
Learn to listen to each other and become a real support to your spouse. You should genuinely care about his problems and be interested in his affairs. Their joint discussion and decision-making makes you real accomplices in the best sense of the word. There should not be problems separate from the family, they are all your common ones.
Family, your home should become the place where you always want to return, where you will always be listened to, sympathized with and given advice. It should become an island of stability, domestic warmth and comfort, on which all worldly troubles and hardships are forgotten and recede.
Do not try to strengthen the family by having a child if relations gave a crack, this is your marriage is unlikely to save. But for those who love each other, the birth of a child can become a factor that will unite the spouses even more, become an additional reason for showing care and tenderness. Love for each other and for your children, concern for the general family well-being allows you to open a second wind in relationsx between husband and wife.
With the birth of children, the family has its own traditions and family holidays, which determine the way of each particular family and become for each of its members an indispensable attribute of their home. The realization of this makes both parents strong, confident and successful and their children happy.


Relationship advice may not always help. In the event that the guy decides to end the relationship, then all your efforts will be in vain. Then you just have to accept his decision.

Useful advice

Use the advice to restore relationships, not only when they have already faded. Stick to them throughout the relationship with the young man. This will make them stronger and longer lasting.

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