How to surprise a guy?

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How to surprise a guy

When it comes to the first date, the question of how to pleasantly surprise a guy on it is not worth it — everything will be new, everything will be unexpected. But if the meetings take place for a long time, then the thought “how to surprise a guy in bed?” visits more and more often, because women’s magazines constantly tell us about the desire of men for diversity in sex, so we have to comply.

How can you surprise a guy?

  1. If you don’t know how to surprise a guy in bed, then try to do it with a kiss. Think it’s unrealistic? Have you checked? Not only the face and neck that are familiar to us are suitable for kissing, because there are a lot of erogenous zones on the body, walking through which you can pleasantly surprise your lover with how much pleasure you can get from kissing. Of course, the effect will only be if you have not indulged in this before. So let’s get started. We start from the neck, smoothly moving to the chest, do not disregard the nipples, then move on to the back. The area between the shoulder blades, the line of the spine — we cover everything with kisses. Then we return to the chest and stomach, gently kiss the navel area. We do not stop there, smoothly moving on to the most desirable part of the male body for any woman. To sharpen the senses and get even more pleasure, the gentleman can be blindfolded and place candles with a pleasant smell around the room or light an aroma lamp.
  2. Are you used to a certain look? So change it, reincarnate from an obedient girl into a wild cat. Yes, acting talent is required here, but they say that an actress is dormant in every woman. And in general, try on different styles of behavior, becoming for a while a child with naive eyes, or a sophisticated seductress who is able to charm a man with her eyes.
  3. This method is a continuation of the previous one, only here you will need even more getting used to the image, because we are talking about role-playing games. Ask your partner about his fantasies, perhaps he finds a nurse’s outfit incredibly erotic, or his secret dream is a flight attendant. Well, maybe nothing excites your partner like a housewife outfit consisting of a single lace apron? Or, on the contrary, did he read stories about the Amazons as a child? Then you will have to transform into a passionate and strong warrior woman who will mercilessly capture him.
  4. Are you good at music and dancing? Then it is worth demonstrating these abilities to your partner by dancing a striptease. If there is a problem with dancing, then it is worth attending a few striptease lessons, this will give your boyfriend pleasure (how did you try, spent time for him), and you will add self-confidence and attractiveness. Because there is nothing sexier than a woman who is in perfect control of her own body.
  5. Men love with their eyes, right? And we, following this opinion, put on super outfits, apply perfect makeup and do stunning hairstyles. Why not decorate yourself in a different way? I want to surprise a guyFor example, to make an intimate haircut, decorate the chest with rhinestones or the waist with an interesting chain? And you can get a tattoo. True, if you don’t want to decorate yourself for life, then we make a temporary tattoo in places that are especially popular for your chosen one. What to draw, decide for yourself, for example, you can please the ego of a partner by placing his portrait or name on your body.
  6. Write your sexual desires on cards, put them all in a jar and mix. Agree to draw one card every day (or maybe more than one) and fulfill the desire indicated on the sheet. Of course, not forgetting to alternate between the contractor and the customer, so that everything is fair.

Start with these ways, and as the relationship develops, you will probably come up with something new on the topic of how to surprise a guy in sex. Therefore, we stop stomping our feet and repeating “I want to surprise a guy, but I don’t know how,” and move on to action.


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