How to survive a crisis in a relationship?

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  How to survive a crisis in a relationship

A crisis in a relationship is absolutely normal. Every couple has ever faced or will face him. And only the strongest, most patient, most understanding couples will stand and stay together. If such an important stage has come in your life, you should not look at this situation critically. Treat it as a difficult but necessary test. And the outcome of events and the consequences of the test depend only on each of you. Know that in any case, the difficulties will end, and the relationship will move to a new level! Hold hands tightly, draw air into your lungs and stock up on respect for your loved one … ACT!!!

How to survive a family crisis?

Surviving a family crisis is sometimes very difficult. Life, monotony, indifference and lack of attention and time; inattention of a loved one and his individual shortcomings; global issues, problems, difficulties and quarrels; misunderstanding, disagreement, raising a child — and this is not a complete list of reasons for concern. Understand that both feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it would be foolish to pretend that everything is fine, but at the same time do nothing.

How to survive a crisis in the family?

It is also a mistake to assume that your soulmate does not care about the «weather» of your relationship. Perhaps you are frustrated and doubt that everything that happens to you is what you were striving for. It is much easier, of course, to run away from the current situation than to try to solve it. Do not think that people who live in a happy marriage for about 30 years have always been sweet. Your marriage is no worse and no different. Once again I repeat: «It all depends on the two»!

How to survive the crisis of 7 years?

Conditional boundaries vary between 7 and 9 years of marriage. He is the most unpredictable and unstable. At this time, the couple usually brings up a child, experiences its age-related features. In addition, moving up the career ladder adds responsibility and takes time.

Family psychology notes that spouses compare their aspirations and dreams with reality. When reality does not coincide with desires, then an age crisis may begin for one of the spouses.

Let’s discuss how to help a man get through a crisis.

how to survive a family crisis

It seems to you and your soulmate that life is monotonous — surprise. I want something new and different. At this stage, hold on to each other like never before. Do something that unites you, new, joint. Find common activities and hobbies. Spend time together, communicate and walk in places that are significant to you. Warm up the relationship with past, pleasant, good memories — not reproaches and remarks.

Be grateful for EVERYTHING, give a little freedom, make surprises, in a word — start changing relationships with yourself, and you will be able to maintain those relationships that are so dear to you!


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