How to survive the death of a person?

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How to survive the death of a person?

Of course, we all understand intellectually that the human body is mortal, and sooner or later we will die, but how hard it is for our friends and relatives who have left us, even those of them who have been ill for a long time or were already very old. It gets even harder death native human, which happened suddenly, when we remain in this life without completing the argument, without uttering the words of love and apology that we wanted to say to him, but did not have time. Death dear human can become a nagging pain for life.
How to survive the death of a person?


In the early days, when grief is especially strong, do not drink any drugs in order to “come to your senses”, a temporary shutdown of a clear consciousness is provided by nature, allowing a person to avoid even greater psychological trauma. If your participation in the funeral rite is necessary, then this is what will bring you out of the temporary «stupor», because funeral rites were invented for the remaining, living people. These chores help a person to gather himself and allow him to mobilize physical strength to help mental suffering.
Often human after the death of someone dear, there is a feeling of guilt. It can appear even in someone who is actually not to blame on any side, just death associated with negativity, so it is reflected in negative emotions. Analyze, perhaps you are not guilty of anything before the departed person and stop beating yourself up, aggravating the emotional trauma from his death.
If you are a believer, then go to church, talk to the priest. He sees death quite often, maybe he will find words of comfort for you too. Atheists shouldn’t shut up either. Talk to a friend or family, remember all the good things that connected you with the deceased. Think about how he would have reacted in life to the fact that you are torturing yourself like that.
A great moral consolation for some is the continuation of the jointly started business. What could be a better memory and monument to a departed friend than the completion of the work that he did not have time to finish?
Try to control yourself, do not take it out on relatives and friends who do not deserve a bad attitude towards themselves. Such internal control is work on oneself, which will make it possible to gather oneself and more easily endure this irreparable loss.
If you are unable to forget your loss after sufficient time, it may be worth contacting a mental health service or an appropriate professional to help you get back to normal.

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