How to take a guy away from another

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How to take a guy away from another

It must have happened to every woman in her life that when she met her ideal man, she found out that he had another. But what if this other one doesn’t really suit him? What if you know for sure that only you can do this guy happy? In this case, try to fight back guy the other is possible and even necessary.
How to take a guy away from another
You will need
  • persistence
  • Patience
  • Ability to be nice
  • love for a guy


Rule number one if you want to hit back guy the other — never mention it in your conversations. If your chosen one is talking about her, then calmly and gently translate the topic.
To take a man away from a rival, try to talk to him more than she does. For example, if he talks heart to heart with her once a week, try to talk to him twice. Try to spend more time alone with him (so that his girlfriend is not around at the same time). But do not overdo it and do not annoy him excessively.
Wanna beat back guy the other is to be patient. Especially if this is a couple whose relationship is just beginning, and they are quite happy together.
Never lie to get someone else’s man. Don’t tell him she’s a cheater (unless it’s factual). The lie will be revealed, and he will never want to be with you again.
To get someone else’s man, let him understand that you would like to be with him, and that you do not agree to the role of mistress. But don’t pressure him. Keep calm. He will make his own choice. Although you should not hope for anything if you understand that he does not like you.
Every time you meet him, look smart and well-groomed. So you will arouse more and more interest in him. Constantly change your look by experimenting with makeup (but always natural) and hair. Show him that you are not only a great conversationalist, but also a charming and attractive woman.
Make him think about you from time to time. Just disappear from his life for a while until he writes or calls you first. He will think about you more and more often, until he eventually leaves the other for you.

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