How to take a guy to the army

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How to take a guy to the army

When people are madly in love with each other, it would seem that nothing can disturb their love idyll. But life sometimes brings unpleasant surprises. One of these surprises is wires. guy in army. No matter how difficult it is, you need to be able to overcome yourself and spend it without tantrums and tears.
How to take a guy to the army


Come to terms with this circumstance. In this situation, nothing can be changed, so try to think only about the good. Think that time will pass, and everything will return to normal, that this is not the worst thing that can happen in life. Any situation must be taken with dignity.
Perhaps this separation will benefit both of you, you will rest from each other and rethink a lot. Don’t get hung up on what your young man is leaving for armyand now life is meaningless. This is not where life ends. This is just a certain stage that needs to be passed.
On the wires, do not cry and do not hang yourself on your loved one. Think about the fact that it is doubly difficult for him, as he leaves for the unknown, parting not only with you, but also with family and friends. You stay at home, and it will be much easier for you to come to terms with his departure.
After he leaves, do not sit at home, do not get depressed. Relax, go somewhere to relax. Talk to your parents or friends. They will help you relax. Just don’t be alone with your thoughts. Immerse yourself in work (study) so that there is no time for sad thoughts.
You should not, of course, indulge in «breaking bad» to drown out the pain of parting. This will not benefit anyone, neither him nor you. Time will pass and he will return.

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