How to take revenge on a man?

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how to get revenge on a man

The question of how to take revenge on a man is inexhaustible, because it is so easy to hurt them to the quick. There are many ways to put your abuser in an awkward situation, without even making it clear that you are the very reason for his misfortunes.

How to take revenge on the boss?

Not everyone is lucky with the authorities, and sometimes real energy vampires appear in life, after communicating with whom you are depressed and unhappy. Don’t worry, it’s actually not that hard to get revenge on the director.

You probably know what radio station the employees in your company listen to. If necessary, start a conversation about it — it will be useful to you. In the morning or at lunchtime, that is, at a time when so many acquaintances of your boss will listen to the radio, write “hello” on the radio, which will be read out loud. It may sound like this: “I send greetings to my sweet Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich. You’re gorgeous, your mole/tattoo/red car is driving me crazy! Your Edik. Imagine with what eyes he will be met at work!

Great way to get revenge.

A similarly sophisticated method, which, however, will require investments, is an anonymous gift for his birthday. Order a beautiful cake with the inscription «Happy birthday, darling» and two male figurines on top. Ask for it to be delivered unpackaged so that everyone in the office can admire such beauty.

How to get revenge on a friend?

If a friend suddenly turned out to be neither a friend nor an enemy, and so … then he needs to take revenge, and in such a way that he would never again want to commit any kind of betrayal.

Here you can get by with simple and unobtrusive pampering, as in childhood. For example, break an egg under the rug by the door. The smell will be so «pleasant» that the neighbors may well think that he is a maniac and we are hiding corpses at home.

Another harmless way is to pour some superglue into the keyhole. Not everything should be easy, let the entrance to his own house be a problem for him.

How to take revenge on your husband?

As you know, those who were once dearest to us cause the greatest pain to us. If your husband has done something terrible, it is easier to take revenge on him than anyone else — because you know all his pain points.

The easiest way to discredit him is to call the work phone and tell the secretary that they are worried from the Dermatovenereological Dispensary about (husband’s full name) — the test results are ready. And let him be told that he urgently needs to come to the reception, because in such cases it is impossible to delay! Imagine how quickly the news will spread around the office and with what eyes everyone will look at it.

Remember, the best revenge on your husband is your happiness. Of course, you can dishonor him in many ways, but he will experience the most pain when he sees that you are above all this and very happy — as if he never meant anything to you.

How to take revenge on a lover?

Many women who have contacted a married man and left, as usual, with nothing, dream of taking revenge on their lover, for giving hope — and he himself used and abandoned. In this case, from a logical point of view, there is nothing to avenge — you knew what how to get revenge on your husbandgo when you contacted a married man. But if you did not know about your wife, and he deceived you, then you can take revenge. Just do not involve his wife — she has nothing to do with it.

An easy way to take revenge on a lover is to register a profile with his real data on all dating sites you know. Ideally, if you have incriminating photos of him. However, it is quite possible to get by with ordinary photos, just don’t forget to indicate the correct option in the “I am looking for” column: “a man or a couple of M + M”. Some of his friends or acquaintances probably use such sites, and rumors about him will spread very quickly.


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