How to take revenge on your husband?

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how to get revenge on your husband

It is clear that for a successful family life, spouses need to be able to negotiate, but sometimes you want, not in word, but in deed, to make it clear to your husband that he was wrong in his behavior. Therefore, thoughts arise about how to take revenge on her husband for drinking or insults. Of course, revenge is the last resort, because the husband still has to live on, and after such actions, the relationship can deteriorate completely. Therefore, when drawing up a plan for retribution, think about how your revenge will affect the future life of you and your husband.

How to get revenge on your husband for drinking?

Now we are not talking about situations where a man has a real addiction, in which case revenge will be meaningless. So it’s worth using the following methods when, contrary to existing agreements, the husband went to meet friends, didn’t warn and answered calls, made him worry, showing up at home only in the morning, etc.

  1. Add a laxative to your husband’s hangover cure. Do this every time he behaves in this way, let him form the confidence that it is the consumption of alcohol that provokes such a reaction of the body.
  2. While your husband is unconscious under the influence of alcoholic vapors, experiment with his appearance. For example, paint your nails, shave off part of your beard or hair on your head, give him makeup, turn his underwear into ribbons. The main thing is, when he wakes up, say that you have no idea where he got all these “decorations” from, since he already came home in this form.
  3. Try to punish him with a ruble, especially if your husband, under the influence of alcohol, is kind and agrees to everything. Buy yourself an expensive thing that you have been eyeing for a long time, and in the morning start thanking him intensely for such a luxurious gift. Naturally, it is better to spend the money that he set aside to buy his “toys”.

How to take revenge on your husband for insults?

If your husband is prone to use obscene language inappropriately and inappropriately, which causes serious aesthetic suffering to you, try explaining this to him. If it doesn’t help, then ask the mother-in-law to influence him; for such people, the opinion of the mother is usually important. You can also start to express yourself using obscene expressions so that he looks at himself from the side. Naturally, this should be done in private, without witnesses in the form of relatives, children and friends.

Another thing is when it comes to real insults, the purpose of which is your humiliation. Here it is worth considering what caused this behavior: a serious offense or a desire to assert oneself at your expense. In the first case, revenge will be unjustified, and in the second it is unlikely to help correct the situation. Of course, you can start to behave in accordance with his insults, for example, calling him a slut, forget about washing dishes, washing and ironing his things. But, firstly, you never know how he will call you next time, and secondly, is it worth continuing a relationship in which you get only humiliation?

How to take revenge on an ex-husband for betrayal?

Relationships rarely go well with ex-husbands, especially if parting how to get revenge on your husband for drinkinghappened through their fault. And it’s quite natural for abandoned women to hatch plans for revenge, the ladies have a large assortment from an affair with a traitor’s best friend and petty dirty tricks of the current passion to actions that seriously damage the reputation of their ex-spouse. But often revenge also hits the seeker of retribution, so the best way to punish an ex-husband will always be the ability to live and be happy without him. Understanding that he was just a random person in your life, since you were able to recover so quickly after a divorce, will hurt male pride much more than his profiles on dating sites of sexual minorities.


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