How to take the first step in a relationship

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How to take the first step in a relationship

Sometimes fate must be taken into your own hands. Some girls believe that only young people should take the initiative when meeting. However, in modern society, the strong and weak sex can periodically change places. In most cases, young people accept signs of sympathy from a girl very favorably. However, in order to make the first stepyou need to prepare for this in detail.
How to take the first step in a relationship
You will need
  • To do this, you will need to overcome the feeling of embarrassment, as well as establish communication with the man who caught your attention.


For starters, you need to like yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and evaluate yourself with an impartial look. Take care of your hair, manicure and make-up. Pick your clothes. that decorates you. Going out into the street, you must understand that you look as attractive and flawless as possible.
Now you need to make contact with the object of your sympathy. To do this, you can use a banal question, like «what time is it» or «how to get to Lenina Street.» However, the situation is considered aerobatics, at the end of which you will have the phone number of the man you like.

In this case, you can ask the selected object for a phone to call a «late girlfriend» or borrow a handset in order to find your phone in the bowels of a large bag.

After you have received the coveted phone number, you can start correspondence. Some girls prefer to get to know a man better first, finding out the details of his life through phone calls or SMS. Others immediately take the bull by the horns and invite them on a date.


It happens that young people are extremely reluctant to make contact. In this case, they most likely already have constant companions or are hopelessly in love. If a man does not answer you for a long time or is very dry about your acquaintance, then you should not impose yourself.

Useful advice

In any case, stay confident in your abilities to the end. If a man decides to call and ask who exactly decided to invite him to a rendezvous, then do not be modest and do not mumble. Don’t say you got the wrong number, just come up with a simple story ahead of time to explain his phone number in your address book.

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