How to talk about your family

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How to talk about your family

The family is an inexhaustible source of topics for conversation. After talking about the weather, people usually turn to family. But this usually applies to close people who already know your family. But what if you have to introduce your family to strangers who have no idea about it, how to tell it in a way that is interesting and understandable?
How to talk about your family


There are a number of principles to consider when constructing any coherent text. First, the story should have an introduction in which you introduce the audience to the topic of the conversation. The format of the event where you need to present a text about your family, can be different: from a meeting «without ties» with the authorities to dinner at a restaurant with old friends. Here you need to resort to the techniques of eloquence: after all, even if they themselves called you to a story about their familythis does not mean that they will listen to you with their mouths open if your story is not interesting.
After the introduction, the main part follows, where you present information worthy of attention. Prepare to be interrupted and asked questions. Family is a burning topic, everyone has a family, and people will compare themselves with you in one way or another. Answer the questions (story about family most often takes place in the form of a conversation), but do not let the story turn in the wrong direction. Hurry up to talk about all the family members that your listeners may be interested in and mention new ones that they do not yet know about. Briefly describe the state of affairs, feeling for what exactly your interlocutors want to hear.
In the oral form of presentation, the final part does not carry a special semantic load, because even if you started as a narrator, you will surely end up as an interlocutor. Another thing is if you are talking in a more formal setting, for example, at a meeting, conference, competition. Here you need to build your story much more carefully. The content of the speech will also, quite possibly, be different, and they will expect from you not a chaotic presentation of the events that have taken place, but a clearly built, understandable story. In this case, also keep in mind that not all listeners are familiar with your familyor have some even minimal knowledge about it. Therefore, tell it in such a way that everything is clear to everyone.
If you need to submit your report in an official form, then consider the requirements for your story. First, the subject matter. If you need to highlight family history, don’t go into the details of your culinary preferences. Secondly, volume. Calculate your story so that both the introduction, the main part, and the conclusion take a certain amount of time. In the process, do not get carried away by any particular item of the plan. Do not «hang» so that you are not stopped and hinted that time is running out.
Try to accompany your text with photographs, drawings — anything that could make your story more visual and interesting. No matter how accustomed your listeners are to long speeches, it is better to make sure that they do not get bored. Story about family is unlikely to be limited by some rigid framework in this regard, after all, this is not a scientific report.

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