How to talk to your wife

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How to talk to your wife

Pragmatic Americans have done research on marital relationships and come to a startling conclusion. It turns out that the saying «the miser pays twice» has another scientifically based manifestation. Studies show that men who are stingy with words are forced to spend several times more money on their women than their eloquent counterparts.
Learn to speak eloquently


Use gifts to appease her. Alas, as studies show, you either speak beautifully and sincerely with her, or pay off every scandal with gifts. In any case, until you start polishing your ability to talk to women, gifts can be a temporary salvation for your relationship. A gift will not replace a conversation, but it can be a good reason to start one.
Restrain aggressiveness. The emotionality of a man often has an aggressive coloring. This is because men naturally have more testosterone and adrenaline. And these hormones are necessarily released into the blood during scandals. Men even apologize sometimes with a mockery. And they talk about problems in a condescending manner. Control bouts of aggression in your speech if you want to make contact with wife.
Learn to talk about emotions in detail. Monosyllabic phrases like «Cool!», «Fly away!» or «Shut up!» leave to friends. A woman wants to hear a detailed presentation of what exactly excites or annoys you. One-syllable phrases in conversation with wife not worth getting rid of.
Find the courage to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness is an act of courage and courage. And only truly brave individuals can ask for forgiveness, and give it. Do not think that an apology can humiliate you. Learn to admit when you’re wrong. And don’t make her apologize twice.


American psychotherapists often send men who come across greedy ladies for public speaking training. Eloquence replaces the huge material investment in love. That is why poets at all times are no less in demand than oligarchs. Learn to speak beautifully, and you will not be afraid of family conflicts. In addition, you do not have to pay off the problems with gifts.

Useful advice

While a man disappears at work to provide his beloved with all the blessings of the world, she suffers from inattention and loneliness. Look for a balance between financial investment in the well-being of the family and the manifestation of love and tenderness, without which normal relationships are impossible.

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