How to teach a girl not to be late

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How to teach a girl not to be late

How often is your girlfriend late? How long do you have to wait for her? She promises you that she will come on time, but you believe again and continue to wait? But this problem is completely solvable.
How to teach a girl not to be late


Immediately after the next delay (while she still has a feeling of small, but still existing guilt), talk with her about how it is your own fault for allowing her to be late every time. Take full responsibility for her lateness on yourself and promise that you will fight it. Do not push, but talk about it in jest. And ask if she is ready to help you in this difficult task of educating punctuality in her. Agree on future actions. Arrangement is the most important thing in eradicating the habit of being late.
Be sure to praise girl for the fact that she is so determined to help you. Be sure to remind her how charming, beautiful and sexy she is. This will cheer her up and set her in the right mood. Be sure to kiss her as a sign of the beginning of the procedures for accustoming to come on time.
Specificity matters. Try together to find the reasons for her eternal lateness. She can list thousands of them for you: a friend called, an interesting program was shown on TV, she waited for her nails or hair to dry. Also, the reasons may not be large enough, according to the girl, the wardrobe or the imperfection of the figure, which make her stand at the mirror for hours, choosing what to wear today. Finding out the specific causes is another important step towards solving the problem.
Be sure to encourage her. If she is not late or late, but not for an hour or two, but only for a few minutes, you can give her a small gift: flowers, ice cream, sweets. It would seem that this is a trifle, but by doing so you indicate how important her success is to you. You can even violently rejoice, hug and kiss girl for the fact that she manages to reduce the time of delay. Thus, you motivate her so that in the future, lateness will be reduced to nothing.
Come up with punishments for every lateness. It should not be negative (this way you will only provoke conflict and unwillingness to learn not to be late). Punishment should be fun, funny and funny. It can be anything, at the discretion of both parties.

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