How to teach a husband a lesson for an insult?

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how to teach a husband a lesson

Sometimes it happens when there is no desire to make scandals, but it is also impossible to leave the situation, as it is also impossible. Here, for example, the wife found out about the betrayal of her husband and wants to teach him a lesson for the offense, but does not know how. And sometimes he wants to punish his beloved spouse for the fact that he has ceased to appreciate what they do for him, and he also makes claims in addition. It would seem that the expressions “salted the soup” or “you are sitting at home” mean nothing, but how insulting it is! Perhaps the husband did something that the wife does not want to endure, as it hurts her to the core and does not please her at all. In psychology, disappointment in women causes a very strong surge of emotions and I want to teach my husband a lesson for the offense.

How to take revenge on your husband for an insult?

A man does not pay attention to the fact that his wife is trying her best for him, and he forgets to give her gifts and forgets about family holidays? There are several good methods to take revenge on your husband for an offense. Psychologists will tell you how to do it.

  1. Husband offended by his forgetfulness? You don’t need to make a fuss, you just have to not talk to him so that he himself guesses what is wrong.
  2. Made a promise to be home at a certain time, but instead went to a bar with friends? It is recommended the next day to repeat his “feat”, leaving a note, at the same time turn off the phone. Let the spouse feel like it.
  3. If the spouse is crazy about how the spouse cooks and is so used to her cooking that now he is not able to fry scrambled eggs on his own? It is worth several times not to cook dinner for him. At this time, let the wife lie on the couch, watching her favorite program. If the spouse is convinced that the woman does nothing, then let him see how it actually looks.
  4. Often, husbands are sure that a woman sitting at home with a child does nothing, which means she does not get tired. Tip: leave him alone with the baby and go for a whole day to relax with friends. Let him try to cope with the child on his own.
  5. And the last method is the most interesting — the punishment of sex for wrongdoing. The offended spouse refuses intimacy with her husband until he understands his guilt.


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