How to teach a husband?

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How to teach a husband

There are situations when you don’t want to make scandals, but you can’t leave the situation as it is. Here, for example, they learned about the betrayal of their husband, well, how not to teach him a lesson for it? And sometimes you want to punish a beloved man not for treason, but for the fact that he does not appreciate what they do for him at all, and he also makes claims “I didn’t salt the soup and lost my sock”, you might think that only he works. It seems to be nothing special, but so insulting!

How to teach a lesson to an ungrateful husband?

He doesn’t see at all that you are exhausted just to please him, and even forgets about gifts and family holidays? A mess, a beloved husband for an insult needs to be taught a lesson. Here are some ways to do it.

  1. Did your husband offend you with his forgetfulness? Do not scandal, just be silent, let him guess what he did wrong.
  2. Promised to come home on time, but instead went to have fun with friends? The next day, do the same, go out to have fun, leaving a note (sending SMS), and turn off the phone, let it feel in your place.
  3. If your husband is delighted with your cooking and is so used to it that now frying scrambled eggs is a test for him, try not to cook dinner for him a couple of times. And at this time, watch TV while lying on the couch. Well, he said that you are not doing anything, let him see how it really looks.
  4. Husbands often think that a woman sitting at home with a child does nothing, and, therefore, cannot get tired. Is yours the same? Leave him alone with the baby, and go for the whole weekend to relax with friends or parents.
  5. In some families, penalties are imposed for wrongdoing. Husband offended you with something, so let him pay.
  6. Often the ladies practice “punishment with sex”, offended they refuse to be close to their husband until he realizes his guilt. But the question is who will punish whom more in this situation?

How to punish your husband for cheating?

He changed — it hurts, it’s insulting and I really want to take revenge. What can be done?

  1. Small mischief — undo all the buttons from shirts, cut ties and paint trousers.
  2. Stop cooking for him, ironing and washing his linen, and also help with work, let him get all this from the one with whom he cheated.
  3. Does your loved one have a car? Great, give it a new hue (paint it in the most disgusting color you can find) or paint the iron horse with pink flowers and butterflies.
  4. If you decide to disperse, then you can ruin his reputation. Tell everyone what an unreliable and unpleasant person he is, and what a lover is just disgusting. And to the question “what did you live with him?” answer that you were only interested in him as the owner of a fat wallet.
  5. Remember the joke “take revenge on the traitor creatively, start an affair with his mistress”? it may not be worth bringing to this, but you can start to communicate closely with a girlfriend of non-standard orientation. And to appear with her in public places, as often as possible. Yes, you are better off with this woman than with some semblance of a man.
  6. Some ladies rush to take revenge on the traitor, throwing themselves into bed in turn with all his friends.
  7. Well, the best way to punish a traitor is to break off any relationship with him.

How to teach a husband a lesson for drinking?

Just thinking about how to teach a man a lesson for drinking, consider the current situation. It’s one thing if your husband violated some plans with his unplanned alcoholic excesses, but such cases are infrequent. How to teach a husband a lesson for drinkingThis is where you can really learn. But if such situations are frequent, then it is better not to punish anyone, but to think about contacting a specialist — you should not joke with alcoholism.

So, how to teach a husband a lesson for drinking? Our goal is to show that being drunk is not good, that in this state you can do anything with him. What you come up with depends on your imagination. You can paint his fingernails and toenails with bright varnish, and issue the solvent only when he asks for forgiveness. You can use a marker that is not washed off to write a bad word on your forehead or other prominent place. You can shred the clothes in which he came to shred, and in the morning demonstrate and ask to explain how this happened to him.


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