How to teach a lesson to a guy who doesn’t appreciate?

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how to teach a guy who doesn't appreciate

Probably, every girl dreams of a happy relationship, when a man loves and literally wears in his arms. In the modern world, men increasingly do not correspond to the dreams of the fair sex, offend, betray and hurt. Many girls would like to know how to make a guy appreciate you in order to feel happy.

For some reason, a tradition has developed that when a girl agrees to a relationship and confesses her feelings, the guys understand that the goal has been achieved, and you can relax. That is why psychologists say that you should always keep intrigue and keep a man in good shape.

How to teach a lesson to a guy who doesn’t appreciate?

To begin with, it is worth deciding for yourself how a man should express his attitude. For example, some people invest various gifts and material values ​​in this concept, while others believe that gratitude is manifested in verbal expression.

Many girls, according to psychologists, thinking that the guy does not appreciate and does not respect, wind themselves up, coming up with non-existent reasons. Many representatives of the stronger sex are sure that girls perform various household duties because they like it, and not in order to please them. Because of such a misunderstanding, there is often a feeling that a loved one does not appreciate and does not love.

How to teach a guy to appreciate you:

  1. To begin with, analyze the relationship, maybe you are really an imperfect hostess and cook, which means that such behavior of a lover is quite justified. To correct the situation, you just need to work on yourself.
  2. In the event that everything is fine and the guy just really stopped appreciating what is being done for him, then just deprive him of it. For example, if he what to do if the guy does not appreciatecoming home always saw a hot dinner on the table, then just forget about this tradition. Such a “hunger strike” will help the guy look at the situation differently.
  3. To understand what to do if a guy does not appreciate, it is worth remembering the most effective method — take care of yourself. Spend time not only external, but also internal changes. Get a new haircut, update your wardrobe, lose weight, find a hobby, etc. Seeing an attractive and interesting girl next to him, the guy will definitely appreciate such a treasure.
  4. Make him jealous. Accept courtship of other men, respond to compliments, just do not step over the line, because everything can end in a breakup.


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