How to test a man for feelings

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How to test a man for feelings

Many women in the man they meet and spend time with, see not only a temporary partner, but also expect to marry him and have children. It is always worth thinking before an important step in a relationship and checking man on the the senses: is he really so perfect, is he sincerely the senseswhether his relationship is serious. After all, the future depends on your feelings.
How to test a man for feelings


Ask yourself: do you love each other equally? Maybe one of the partners does not receive love in return, but only gives.
Make the man feel jealous. Try to flirt in front of his eyes with a friend or just smile at a stranger. Watch his reaction: if he is not indifferent to you, then he will definitely make a remark to you, and you will feel that he is jealous.
See if he cares about you. When leaving the car, does he give you a hand, does he hold the door in front of you, helps to carry the burden. The desire to help in small things makes it clear that he sincerely cares about you on a subconscious level.
View your correspondence by e-mail or SMS messages. Pay attention to how he ends his messages, whether they contain words of love: “I hug”, “kiss”, “miss you”. If a man is embarrassed to express his the senses even in this form, his intentions are clearly not serious.
Have a heart-to-heart talk with a man about your past relationships. If he doesn’t talk about something, hides facts, this indicates his distrust. A man is not yet ready to open up for a new relationship and is experiencing the past the senses.
Ask to go to a meeting with his friends. For men, the opinion of his environment comes first, and if he is embarrassed to introduce you, then he is not sure of his the sensesx and the further development of your relationship. He doesn’t associate the two of you as a real couple.
Ask your girlfriend and your boyfriend to go on a date with you, for example, to a cafe, to check man on the the senses. Let her observe his behavior: does he respect you, does he show imperceptible signs of attention. She has known you for more than a day, and from the side, sometimes it is more visible whether you are suitable for each other or it turns out that a man says unpleasant things behind your back.
Ask man to do a small favor for you: burn a movie to a disc or a collection of music. This will allow you to understand whether he is ready to spend some part of his personal time on you. Follow the result: he will remember your request and how quickly he will fulfill it. If he completely forgot about your simple request, then he is not ready to spend free minutes of his life on you.

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