How to understand a man?

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how to understand a man

Due to the differences between men and women, it is very difficult for us to understand each other. It is as if we communicate in different languages, and sometimes, due to misunderstandings, resentment arises and relations with people who are really important to us deteriorate. Therefore, for successful interaction with men both in professional activities and in the family, you need to know how to understand a man.

Men’s psychology — how to understand them?

  • a man thinks silently, expressing only the end result of reflections, and they are annoyed when a woman expresses all thoughts aloud;
  • you just decided to share your problems, and the man perceives this as a call to action;
  • men are goal-oriented and are annoyed when a woman deviates from the topic of conversation;
  • when discussing something, a man needs time to answer;
  • men are persistent and stubborn, love attention to themselves, defend their opinion;
  • often commit rash actions;
  • control their emotions better, hide weaknesses, hush up grievances and their failures;
  • see the whole picture without noticing the details;
  • are poorly aware of feelings, which women perceive as an attempt to avoid conversation, and consider men insensitive;
  • do not show feelings and they often need time to understand their own inner world. The answer to the question of how to understand what a man feels will be — trust actions, not words, this is the only way to judge a man’s attitude towards you;
  • straightforward, and do not understand female hints. Consider this, and it will no longer be a secret for you how to better understand a man.

In dealing with a man, there may be such a problem as the need to understand that he was offended. If a man holds a grudge, then this is serious. He will be silent and will not go to ask for forgiveness, but he can go to clubs and parties with friends, proving that he himself is fine. In relation to the offender, he immediately shows irritation, he can shout and be rude.

How to understand what a man wants?

  • listen to him, he can hint what he needs. For example, he repeats that his colleague has a cool phone — it is likely that he wants the same one;
  • take a closer look at him, if he sighs sadly at the sight of the fishermen — apparently, he wanted to fish or go fishing. When you walk past a store and he keeps his eyes on the window with a tablet, it means that he is looking after it for himself;
  • if you observe a bored face in front of you, and he is somewhere not with you and is not listening at all, then there are two options: either he is very tired and he can not wait to rest, or he is not interested in you and he wants to end the conversation as soon as possible;
  • if a man wants a woman — this can be understood by fleeting strokes, pressing, rapid breathing and dilated pupils, or it will be kisses and active actions.

Knowing how to solve men’s secrets, you will see how easy it becomes to understand the behavior of a man.

How to understand a man and what are his secrets?

  1. Men hate to feel wrong, especially when women see them wrong first. In such a situation, first of all, male self-esteem suffers.
  2. Men do not like it when a woman is worried or upset, then he feels confused and helpless, because he cannot approach her because he does not understand emotions and feelings. Therefore, it is not necessary for a woman to wait for sympathy, a man needs to be told directly what he should do.
  3. Men realize themselves in activities and it is difficult for them to switch attention from thoughts to feelings. When he’s in trouble at work, he doesn’t care about feelings. Knowing this how to understand what a man wantsfeature of male psychology, you can answer the question of how to understand a man.
  4. Men love to teach and often fall in love with women who see them as mentors.
  5. Men like smart and determined women. But they marry women who allow them to lead the family, to feel themselves in charge.

Over time, if you show attention to your loved one, the man will cease to be a mystery to you. But do not think about how to understand the words of a man — look at the deeds.


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