How to understand if you need a boyfriend or not

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How to understand if you need a boyfriend or not

Why do you need guy? To care, love, look into his eyes and know that you are also loved … To walk by the hand and in the arms of a guy forget about the pain that people around him bring … To rejoice and experience with him … And on weekends, wallow and watch favorite movie together … To help in difficult times, to swear and reconcile in five minutes … But not everyone needs guys for this, so do you need guy?
How to understand if you need a boyfriend or not


So, how to understand, you need guy or not? Very simple. If you need a person for any purpose, who can be called «your boyfriend», then, of course, in this case, guy needed! And if there are no reasons, or there are reasons that directly indicate that any “my guy«will only be a hindrance, then of course, under such circumstances, guy not needed. «But», as always, this word appears when the problem is already, at first glance, solved and makes us think that, in fact, this issue is very difficult. Where, say, a fourteen-year-old girl will have doubts when one morning it occurs to her that she definitely needs someone whom she could call «boyfriend»? Let’s put aside vulgar thoughts and suppose that yesterday another girl of the same age said that she already has a real guy. At that moment, lightning flashed in the head of a fourteen-year-old girl, and a thunder of envy went through a shock wave throughout her body. «I also want to!» — a cause arose, and soon, as a result, appeared guy, who is unaware that he has become only an instrument for getting rid of envy. After a while, a conflict most likely arises between them, and, figuratively speaking, with a trauma in her heart, the girl cries all night on her bed. As a conclusion: it is unlikely that such young adolescents could understand whether they need guy or not.
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At a more mature age, the sexual aspect comes to the fore in the relationship of both sexes. This aspect, in the background, is usually followed by the fact of a social relationship, i.e. how you are treated not only by your friends, but also by complete strangers. And when these two aspects are combined, then the girl, in order not to be known as “overly accessible” throughout the district, has to call her lover a guy and refer to the seriousness in the relationship.

Other girls continue the policy of a fourteen-year-old girl and start dating guys, only to “show off” in front of their friends, because no one has yet canceled the feeling of female envy. Usually, such girls soon also remain offended, and even humiliated, but continue to «bend their line.»

Sometimes for girls, girls, the presence of a boyfriend is a kind of border, before which they remained still children, and beyond which they became adults. In their eyes, they grew up several years in one day. The same is smoking. Therefore, it is precisely such a desire that you have guyshould be regarded as a bad habit.
But the main indicator of the need guy or not, if we mean by this word a person who is very dear to you, to whom you feel more than affection, is an ordinary heart. And, as you know, you can’t order the heart to love one and keep away from the other, but you can order the consciousness to save your heart from severe shocks.
How to understand you need guy or not? Never be guided by selfish motives in this matter. This is not such a point in life where you can put a tick, then erase it, and put it a few more times. No one, of course, is immune from mistakes, but we must avoid at least those that happen through our fault.
If you love a person and want to always spend time with him, feel his closeness to you as much as possible, then there is no difference how to call this person — a friend, guy or husband. Just be with him always.


Why does a woman need her man? Why do women need men? To: To not be lonely. There is nothing if there is no one nearby. The very one, the only one with whom the woman plans to go to the registry office. Why does a woman need her own man? — To be his wife.

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Many girls in their teens dream of having a boyfriend, but when the moment of truth comes and the lover knocks on her door, the girl may flash before her eyes: “Why do you need a boyfriend?”. And to some extent, she will be right, since rushing headlong into the pool without recognizing, at the same time, a person properly, of course, is unthinkable.

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