How to understand that a guy likes you?

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How to know if a guy likes you

This question is, of course, interesting and, no doubt, very exciting for you. As you know, women love with their ears, and because of such love, very often we take flattery and simple chatter as an expression of feelings.

But how do you know for sure if a guy likes you? Well, of course, the surest way to ask him about it himself. Yes, exactly as written. Come up and ask a question on the forehead. After all, apart from him, no one can 100% say whether you like him or not. But the trouble is, not all guys are ready to confess their feelings. And some, in general, from such a question may be embarrassed and say something completely different from what they feel.

How to understand what you like?

And again we have come to where we started. A person has the gift of speech, but sign language is no less significant and meaningful. It is he who will help us to find out what they are embarrassed or afraid to tell us in ordinary language.

First, pay attention to his gestures. On a subconscious level, the guy will reach out to you. He will try to stand next to you when you say something, bending over slightly, as if in order to better hear what you are saying. He will never turn his back on you. And, what is most interesting, it will seem to copy your gestures. If you put your hands on your hips or lay them in front of you, after a short period of time he will do the same. Do not be offended, he repeats not intentionally. It all happens on a subconscious level.

How else can you understand that a guy likes you? By the eyes. Or rather, by sight. After all, as you know, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Take a closer look at how the guy looks at you, now, like other girls. Noticed? That’s it. On the subject of their sympathy, guys always look in a special way. Try to look into his eyes. If he likes you, he will either quickly look away, or vice versa, he will try to hold your gaze.

To understand if a guy likes you, analyze how things are with touch. A young man who sympathizes with you will not miss a single opportunity to touch you and will pull his hand away in case of an accidental touch.

Just try to talk to him, on some general topics. Most of us have a sense of embarrassment and awkwardness. So when you talk with the object of your sighs, the embarrassment increases. If a guy loses the thread of the conversation and stammers, there is a good chance that he still cares about you. The percentage of probability increases significantly if before that all acquaintances considered him quite capable of keeping up the conversation.

Often, even little girls ask their mothers a question: “How to understand that a boy likes you?”. To which they answer with confidence: “If he pulls your pigtails and throws snowballs, then he likes you!” And they are absolutely right. Male representatives are trying in every possible way to attract attention. Only in matured individuals does this manifest itself,How to understand if a man likes you Thank God it’s different. They talk all sorts of things about themselves (and fables), or try to demonstrate some kind of achievement.

There is another way to understand that you like it, is to pay attention to whether he has become interested in what interests you. Some even go so far as to start attending ballroom dancing with their lovers. Or an avid turnip lover begins to listen to pop music. If so, then this is a sure sign that all his thoughts are occupied with you.

And the most reliable and proven sign for years is listen to your heart. This is your best clue in the question: «How to understand if a man likes you?». And the heart certainly does not deceive.


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