How to understand that he fell out of love

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How to understand that he fell out of love

To understand that a man has fallen out of love is extremely important for a woman. It is doubly important to understand this in time to try to return love or leave. Some facts may indicate that a man has fallen out of love.
How to understand that he fell out of love


He rarely called. If earlier your phone was torn from his calls, the voice in the receiver was impatient and gentle, and now in response to your expectation — silence, you should think about the reasons for such changes. Of course, in the event of a quarrel, there is nothing surprising in this event, but if there was no quarrel, then he began to lose interest in you, and his feelings entered the stage of extinction. If, moreover, in his excuses (“A lot of work”, “I stayed with a friend”, “There were urgent matters”) you catch insincerity, and sometimes outright lies, it’s time to draw honest conclusions, despite the fact that your soul is crying.
He began to sharply criticize you. If earlier he did not have a predilection for criticizing everyone and everything (including you), and now he suddenly attacks you with nit-picking (you all do “wrong”, say “wrong”, go “wrong”), business is bad. Or you began to annoy him, or he constantly compares you with someone and this comparison is not in your favor.
You have become less likely to make love. Here one must be very careful in drawing conclusions. Perhaps he is very tired at work or he has health problems. Do your little unobtrusive investigation. And if you make sure that he is no more loaded with work than before, and that everything is in order with his health, look for other reasons. Perhaps he is so used to it that he sees in you only a true friend or a wonderful housewife, i.e. you ceased to interest him as a woman. If you want to keep him, change something in your sexual relationship. If all else fails, you should seriously think about the expediency of your future relationship.
Increasingly, he says not “we”, but “I”. That is, in his plans for the future (even the nearest) you are not. If earlier he said “On Sunday we are going to my parents”, now “I will go to my parents on Sunday”. You can’t help but notice that outside of your company, he feels comfortable and even happy. However, too hasty conclusions should not be drawn. Perhaps he just wants to be alone, this can happen to anyone. We need to calmly figure this out.
He became dismissive and indifferent to you. Doesn’t helpfully open the car door when you want to get in. Does not give a hand when crossing a rickety bridge. Doesn’t look back if you’re behind him in a crowd. Does not empathize when you are sad. He may even frown and show annoyance if you need his help and support. Obviously, his feelings for you have cracked. Although, perhaps, he just calmed down so much that he is one hundred percent sure that nothing threatens your relationship, which means you can relax. In any case, watch him, dispassionately analyze his actions and only then draw conclusions.

Useful advice

Before passing the verdict “Out of love!”, Listen to yourself, to your feelings. Sometimes intuition can do a good job. Even if outwardly everything is fine, if the analysis of his actions and deeds did not tell you anything terrible, but your heart tells you that “something is wrong” anyway, most likely it really is.
Take a long, close and penetrating look into the eyes of your loved one — you may be able to read a lot in them, including the answer to your silent question.

It is not necessary, at the slightest suspicion of cooling his feelings for you, to inquire with predilection and make scandals. It is natural for a man in love to fear the loss of his beloved, but he should not be haunted by his suspicions and tormented by his conjectures. You can achieve the result «on the contrary» — you will simply get tired of him with your hypotheses and assumptions, and he will begin to move away from you.

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