How to understand that this is your half

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How to understand that this is your half

Perhaps the main eternal question of a person is the question of how to meet true love. And when the relationship has already begun, it is important to decide whether this is your soulmate or another short-term relationship, which sooner or later will lead to a wound in the heart.
How to understand that this is your half


Analyze your union on the following points:

How well do you know the person? To answer in detail, go through the questionnaires offered on the Internet. If you know enough about your partner to understand that this is love and that this is your person, then questions about his tastes, distinctive features, goals, interests and favorite dishes will not make you think long.

When you decide that this is not just a passing passion, but admiration for the inner content of the personality and a sincere interest in a person, start spending as much time with him as possible. Check how your partner behaves in a variety of life situations and make sure that you are not in love. Simple falling in love easily passes after the very first situations in which it turns out that your beloved is an ordinary person, there is nothing supernatural and ideal in him. He may well be sick, while not having the most charming appearance, and angry.
Find common ground. Highlight the points on which you match — habits, goals, views. In later life, you will simply need to rely on something in common that will unite you in difficult times. If you find that the worldviews and directions of views are completely opposite, then, of course, you can experiment, but it’s better not to waste time.
Compare the main features of your loved one with your ideal. In girls, already at the age of 12-13, the image of a man whom she will love with all her heart and will follow him even to the ends of the world is formed in her mind. For guys, rather, by the age of 19, such an ideal develops. Be carefull! It is necessary to distinguish between the passion for someone and the action of hormones in the youthful body that require romance from the feeling that this person is your destiny.
The sexual aspect of relationships is 50% of harmony in the development of a couple. But psychologists believe that true love is the communication of souls. Weigh both parameters — if in any of them you already have problems, then they will only get worse. And after all the main thing all the same, to be able to agree. If you have a well-established dialogue, this is the path to a successful alliance.
Your soulmate, of course, is somewhere in the world, that’s how we are arranged, a man and a woman are a harmonious whole. And do not be afraid of loneliness, if you decide that a person is not your happiness, act and look further, and the heart in alliance with the mind will help you make the right choice.

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