How to wake up your husband

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How to wake up your husband

Even if you have been married for a long time, this is not a reason to abandon romance in a relationship. In those days when the children stayed overnight with their grandmother, and you are at home together, use this occasion to arrange an unforgettable morning for your husband. To wake husband surprise and give him a few little joys is not difficult at all. Such pleasant surprises allow you to cool your senses. They allow you to remember that you and him still love each other, and you feel good together.
How to wake up your husband


Wake up early, take a refreshing shower and rub your body with cosmetic milk with its favorite scent. Change into a beautiful silk nightgown and try to wake him up with gentle kisses and touches. When no one needs to rush to work in the morning, there is an opportunity to enjoy his hugs and soak up in bed.
Do not rush to cover it, leave the exasperated spouse to fill up and go to the kitchen. Even if he never requires a hearty breakfast, know that no man will ever refuse a good piece of meat, especially after so much effort has been expended. Take a piece of tenderloin or a thick edge, cut off a couple of pieces, sprinkle them with pepper, salt and herbs. Pour vegetable oil into a hot frying pan, fry the meat on both sides. Instead of a side dish, coarsely chopped fresh tomatoes and cucumbers are perfect, you can put on a plate of hot sauce, which stimulates not only the appetite.
Such an unconventional breakfast also includes an unconventional morning drink. Are you still staying at home and not in a hurry? A bottle of chilled red dry wine will be a great addition to meat and will stimulate your senses.
A light erotic massage will help you relax after breakfast. It must be done on a hard surface. Mix massage oil and aroma oil. Smells are able to awaken sensuality. An additional incentive for this will be massage. Start it from the collar zone, descending along the spine to the feet, then return to the buttocks and massage them — for many men this is an erogenous zone.
After the massage, you will have already decided whether to stay in bed, lounging pleasantly, or go for a walk. In any case, the tone and good mood for the next working week are provided to you.

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