How to win a guy’s heart?

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How to win a guy's heart

Oh, where did the times of knights go when the pretenders fought for the hand of a beautiful lady?! In our age, ladies themselves have to fight for male attention and puzzle over how to win a guy’s heart. And to do this in the face of fierce competition, oh, how not easy, especially if you plan to win an already former, but still beloved guy.

So what to do, how to behave with these mysterious creatures from another planet? Of course, there is no universal strategy for how to win a guy’s love, but there are some tips that can greatly facilitate the assault on his heart.

Ways to win a guy

  1. What is the first thing people pay attention to? Of course, in appearance. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have an attractive appearance. Yes, nature has not endowed everyone with a perfect figure and ideal facial features, but everyone can take care of themselves. By the way, do not confuse self-care with «war paint», these are completely different things.
  2. How can a girl win a guy’s heart? Very simple, you must always remain interesting for him. And therefore we are in no hurry to tell him our whole life, starting with childhood illnesses, ending with a broken nail yesterday. Of course, it is necessary to talk about yourself, but to give out information gradually. Have an interesting hobby? You definitely need to talk about it, only this activity should really captivate you, only then you can talk about it interestingly without annoying your chosen one.
  3. We smile! Firstly, a smile makes almost everyone more attractive, and secondly, the guy must see that you are having fun and interesting with him, and your sincere laughter is the best way to confirm this. The main thing is not to overdo it, a girl laughing at every word is more likely to cause irritation, but we don’t need it.
  4. A stunning appearance, a friendly smile, all this is certainly good, but not enough. On first dates, he, of course, will look at you and admire, and perhaps he will not pay attention to the fact that you are often silent. Further this moment will strain. This means that in order to win a guy, the conversation will need to be maintained, and not haphazardly, but correctly. That is, if he just told you about skydiving, do not fill the pause with a story about your desire to go shopping. It would be nice to say something on the subject anyway. Therefore, we read books and develop our horizons.
  5. Do you think that your relationship is already strong and think that you have the right to make high demands on the chosen one? This behavior is acceptable if you have been dating for a long time. Until you have won a permanent place in his heart, you should not be intrusive and beg for something for yourself with the help of threats. This is a sure way to alienate even the most patient and passionate person from you.
  6. Nothing will help you win the guy you love more than demonstrating that you are not only attractive and versatile, but also a comrade-in-arms. Share his ideas and views and listen with interest to the monologues of your loved one about his hobbies and work.
  7. Easy to communicate, charming girls are incredibly attractive, and it is likely that your chosen one immediately decides to take the relationship to another level, right on the first date. The main thing is to understand, do you need it now? Do you want to deprive yourself of the charm of romantic dates? If not, then you should not rush, the candy-bouquet period has not harmed anyone yet.
  8. How to win over an ex boyfriend

  9. Do you want to return and win over your ex-boyfriend, but you don’t know how? Here all means are good, the main thing is to prove that he was (and will be) much better with you than with his current passion. Does she not share his hobbies? So, you definitely need to do it for her, and support the former in all his ideas and endeavors.

The final and most important tip is to be yourself. You can pretend to be absorbed in his work as much as you like, listen to about what a wonderful goal was scored in the last match, but if you are not interested, it is better to say so. Because sooner or later, the mask you put on will crumble, and which of you will become happier from this?


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