How to write what you like

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How to write what you like

The desire to improve the text to infinity is a well-known «disease» of the authors, an obsessive state in which it seems that after one hundred and twenty-fifth revisions the text will become perfect. But the problem is not always in the text.
How to write what you like
You will need
  • — plan
  • — text structure


The text should meet the task: to reveal the author’s idea, the main theme, to answer questions. It should be written in clear language (unless, of course, the opposite task was set). It should have a clear structure: introduction, body, conclusion. If the basic specifications are met, you can move on. If not, there is no need to rush to comb out the text. Perhaps the writer’s eyes were blurred.
Mind must rest

It is believed that a person can abstract from the text, take a fresh look at it in at least two to four hours. Ideally, you need to postpone the text for a couple of days. By the way, there is a rather witty rule of writers who work in large genres: «You should not re-read what was written the night before in the morning, otherwise you will have to spend the whole day editing yesterday’s text.» An experienced writer is able to change the optical focus and evaluate the text, first at the macro level (structure, logical connectives), then at the micro level (literacy, choice of exact words).

Low self-esteem
There are people who are pathologically insecure. Whatever they write, they don’t like it. If there is such a problem, then it is worth showing the text to a familiar humanitarian who can tactfully, but honestly point out mistakes, and at the same time raise self-esteem. But in this case the problem of the author outgrows the problem of the text. And if a person does not like what is written (put on, seen, eaten) all the time, then you should contact a psychoanalyst. And to find out if the parents did not put pressure on the insecure talent? And this may well be.


If rewriting causes discomfort and a feeling of confusion, then it is better to postpone the text and give your head a rest. Mental activity is better to alternate with physical activity.

Useful advice

A clear structure of the text allows you to make the result more predictable. You can paint the text on a list of questions, you can draw up a plan, you can draw the text in the form of a pyramid.

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