Husband constantly insults and humiliates

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husband constantly insults and humiliates the advice of a psychologist

Every woman wants her husband to cherish and cherish her. Only in such an atmosphere does she feel needed and loved. Warm relationships in the family give a woman wings that help her raise children, support her husband, take care of the house and perform many other functions.

However, sometimes there are situations when the husband constantly humiliates and insults. It is impossible for a woman to remain emotionally balanced and active in such an atmosphere. She can endure for a while and hope that her husband will come to his senses. But then, anyway, there will come a moment when the nerves will give up, and the woman will begin to look for a way out of this situation.

Husband constantly insults and humiliates — advice from a psychologist

There can be various reasons for the fact that a husband insults and humiliates his wife:

  1. The husband does not have warm feelings for his wife. Not everyone understands that love must be maintained. Therefore, in every family there comes a moment of cooling of feelings. During this period, it is necessary to try to maintain fading feelings and work to strengthen relationships. If the spouses do not understand this, problems can begin in the family.
  2. My husband has a mistress. If a husband insults and humiliates his wife, he can force her to leave him by such behavior so that the responsibility for the decision on divorce lies with the wife.
  3. The husband has lost respect for his wife. There can be many reasons for this too. For example, a woman went on maternity leave, stopped taking care of herself, became uninteresting, grouchy, boring. In this case, she may begin to annoy him, but he himself may not understand what happened.
  4. The husband has low self-esteem, so he raises it by humiliating his wife.
  5. The wife allows abusive behavior towards herself, not wanting to worsen an already strained relationship.
  6. The wife strongly controls her husband, which causes negativity to herself.

How to respond to an insult to a husband?

husband constantly humiliates and insults

Sometimes women wonder whether it is necessary to endure the insults of their husband. There is an unequivocal answer to this: you should not let a single insult said by your husband go past your ears. No need to write off rudeness on the fact that he was tired or hungry. You should immediately say in a calm tone: “Please don’t ever speak to me in that tone, otherwise we will have to stop talking.”

Whatever the reason for being rude, you should talk to your spouse about how you feel about it. Explain that you are ready to change if there is a problem, but you also need to be more tactful on his part. If the spouse does not want to hear anything and is not ready to work on the situation, then it is worth taking more drastic measures: separation for a while or even divorce.


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