Husband insults and humiliates — what to do?

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husband insults and humiliates what to do

Family life is not always smooth and fabulous, as we would like. Any married couple faces various conflicts and quarrels. After the end of the romantic period, most men change a lot, and quite often not for the better. Sometimes aggressive behavior of a spouse can go beyond what is permitted. In this case, it is worth understanding the reason why the husband constantly insults and humiliates, and then decide what to do.

How to punish a husband for insulting?

Any relationship should be built on mutual respect. When he is not there, then conflicts, scandals begin, and as a result, the marriage simply falls apart. If disrespect comes from the husband, he insults and humiliates his wife, then it is she who will have to understand what to do and how to save the family.

To begin with, it is worth highlighting the most common reasons why masculine representatives allow themselves such behavior:

  1. irascibility. If a man constantly finds fault, snaps at any remark and begins to insult, then, often, this behavior is observed in married couples, where wives are too quiet and accommodating. Their main mistake is to think that it is better to remain silent so as not to aggravate the quarrel. However, the man begins to feel permissiveness and become even more impudent. Therefore, in this case, you can teach your husband a lesson by learning to defend yourself, and not silently endure insults addressed to you.
  2. The state of alcoholic intoxication. A drunk person can say a lot of unnecessary things, which is not always true. However, this problem needs to be addressed. To begin with, you can try to record everything that he says on a dictaphone and let him listen in a sober state. You may need to contact a specialist to help get rid of alcohol addiction.

Is it worth to suffer the humiliation of her husband

Is it worth to suffer the humiliation of her husband?

Every woman wants to be loved and desired by her man. To be one, you need to treat yourself accordingly. No one should ever be allowed to talk in a disrespectful way to their address. To answer the question of whether it is possible to forgive the insults of her husband, each woman must herself. But do not forget that family life in constant humiliation cannot be happy. It is not necessary to immediately go to such a step as a divorce. You should first try to solve this problem by talking to your spouse about how you don’t like his behavior.


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